G23 Solid Titanium Surface Piercing

Dermal piercing is interesting, adventurous, bold and it provides the freedom to have any of the body parts pierced. This is the new buzzword in piercing industry and piercing enthusiasts are completely swayed by this. The difference between dermal piercing and other  titanium piercings is that in dermal piercing the body jewelry is inserted through a hole and it does not come out from the opposite side like other piercings. Only the top of the jewelry is visible while the body is beneath the skin. Hence, this provides more freedom for the piercing enthusiast and more options to experiment also.

G23 Solid Titanium Surface Piercing

This simple yet elegant dermal anchor is brought to you by piercebody. Made from 23G titanium it is known to be friendly with the skin and is durable as well. The item also known as surface piercing body jewelry is available in 10-30mm bar size. This item comes at a reasonable price so that buying it doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket. After buying it, you must be wondering about the price to get the piercing done. Generally, the price is quite high in a big city and quite low in a smaller one. However, the normal charge for dermal piercing is around $80. If you wish to remove a dermal piercing, then you may have to pay $25.

Having said that, price alone should not be a deciding factor for whenever you want you can go to have your dermal piercing done or removed. More important is to find a professionally experienced piercer to pierce your body part. Piercing is not easy and it requires expertise to do it properly without hurting the person going under the needle. A professional piercer will be little expensive but he/she will ensure your safety first and also provide thorough information on aftercare.

The best way to find out a good and experienced piercer is to search for him/her on internet or ask your friends and family. In fact, the internet is an amazing resource which provides easy accessible information. If you find positive stainless steel jewelry reviews and good rating for a particular piercing shop along with pictures and portfolios, you can definitely call in once. There are different forums also which provide information regarding professional piercers from where you can actually discuss and find out the best one. People will share their experiences and you can choose the one you think will be best for you

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