G23 Grade Titanium Nose Bone

G23 Grade Titanium Nose BoneSeptril piercing which is quite a rare piercing has a unisexual appeal. For people who do not wish to get stuck with simple piercing, try septril piercing for which a pierced and stretched septum is required. It is a great way to revamp your septum piercing and your piercing style in general. Septril piercing was done by Toro for the first time in Spain who called it a jungle piercing because of its wild appeal followed by Obscurities who did it in Texas named it septril. Among the 2 names, septril is more commonly used by people from the piercing world.
The septril piercing is placed on a stretched septum piercing through the fistula. Only one end of septril jewelry is visible from outside just below the tip of the nose. Different kinds of jewelry can be used for septril piercing. However, a stud like jewelry with a flat back or small curved barbells is preferred by piercers depending on the anatomy of the nose. Some people experiment by wearing custom tunnels or eyelets in the stretched area of the septum while others stretch the septril itself using titanium or small acrylic plugs for more fun.

Piercebody has brought a range of nose stud for people wanting to have their nose pierced. Among them this G23 grade titanium nose bone looks fantastic and perfect for a septril piercing. The item is quite unique just like the piercing itself. The nose bone end is made from titanium of high quality which means your skin is 100% safe and also has stones on the visible end which will make your septril piercing appear gorgeous. The gauge is 20 and the entire length is 6mm which is cool for a septril piercing. You simply have to take this item to your piercer and ask him to place it on your nose.

In order to have a septril, you must have a septum piercing which can be stretched to at least 8mm. Like other piercings, markings will be made on the spots and then using a hollow sterilized needle through the septum from the inside the jewelry will be inserted and secured. Healing time for septril might be slightly more than any other piercing depending on the condition of the fistula. Sea salt soaks and cleaning with a cotton ball gently will accelerate the healing process and you will ready to flaunt your septril piercing.

Titanium Nose BoneThere are different kinds of nose jewelry available like the nose rings. However, nose rings are quite common in comparison to nose screws and nose bones. Nose bones or nose screws, are more apt for the ones who love bold fashions. Though externally nose rings, nose screws, and nose bones look similar yet they have a different structure internally. A nose bone has a straight post that in turn has a small ball at the end and it is this ball that is inserted into the nose. It is the ball that holds the nose bone securely in the nose. However, it is recommended that nose bones be worn only after the piercing has healed completely.

To wear nose bones is somewhat like a painful pleasure. It is so because the piercing process may hurt you a little, but the pleasure you get after putting on a unique piece of the nose bone cannot be matched. In fact, it is more comfortable to wear a nose bone in comparison to a nose ring.

There are different designs and shapes of nose bones that are available in titanium body jewellery. You just have to choose the one most suitable to your personality. You could select from a wide range of shapes like simple diamond studs or the ones that are shaped like butterflies or a collection of dew drops. There are a number of exquisite collections available today, especially in the online stores like piercebody.com. You can check out their G23 Grade Titanium nose bone. If you happen to browse through these online stores you will simply be amazed to look at the differently styled nose bones. The smart look that the nose bones have will surely make you stand out in a crowd. Moreover, you can also flaunt your personality with these multiple shapes of the nose bone. Some of them come in nice colors and you can actually have a collection of several colors so that you can match with the kind of dresses you put on.

However, while buying a nose bone for yourself, keep in mind a few things. Buy something that complements your look and personality. For instance, if you have a smaller face it, is not a good idea to go for a nose bone that has a huge shape. It will not be in sync with your entire look. There are so many designs available, especially in the online stores that you can be certain to find something that is most suitable for you. So start shopping for your unique nose bone soon.

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