Fuschia Pebble Gecko Glass Pendant

It does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry when you can get the same result for much less. Besides, it also looks trendy and smart especially when you wear the pieces on casual occasions. You are only young once! So, go on and lock up all your precious jewelry made of gold and silver. Look forward to making your own style statement instead. You can check the vast collection at piercebody.com for ideas too. What about a gorgeous gecko shaped pendant made of glass?

The multiple colored pebbles on the pendant is sure to catch your attention and hold it there. It does not look like glass at all but has the appearance of a fancy pendant that is worth considerably more. It also has the capacity of dressing up your plain garments making them suitable for a party. The base color of fuchsia has a shocking effect certainly but it is definitely eye catching. You can have a field day by turning the entire limelight on yourself without saying a word. The fuchsia pebble gecko glass pendant hanging from your neck is enough to silence all and sundry.

You may be overcome by the urge of trying your hand at making glass jewelry yourself once you find out how popular it is. The DIY articles on the Internet are fine but do you really want to spend so time and effort only to have a less than perfect pendant that looks amateurish at the best? Definitely not! It is wise, therefore to settle for piercebody and take a look at the beautiful collection of glass pendants including the one that sports the sweet looking gecko.

The shape of a lizard like a gecko is not too common when it comes to a pendant. However, you do have an opportunity of showing off your offbeat style by embracing the shape. While you are perfectly justified in gifting it to your close friends as a token of your wild and free spirit, the gecko has a lot of significance attached to it too. Many ancient cultures respect the gecko and cherish their sign as dream keepers. From Hawaii islands to New Mexico the gecko is also considered to be an omen of good luck and you will have no qualms of wearing it as a colorful pendant once in a while. The price matters too and shelling out a meager sum of $4.49 for the superb pendant is definitely going to enhance your stand amongst friends. So go for it!

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