Full Finger Pewter Tri Laughing Skull Armor Ring

Full Finger Pewter Tri Laughing Skull Armor RingIf you are looking for metal jewelries which are inexpensive but stylish and of good quality, you can consider the metal, pewter. Much men jewelry like rings uses pewter as the material, these days. Pewter is a metal alloy which consists primarily of tin and other metals like copper and antimony. The artifacts, statuettes, figurines and decorative items made in the Middle Ages were all pewter items. These items were possessed by the wealthy as this used to be a very precious metal in those times.

Through the passage of time, pewter became a household metal and came to be used extensively by the common people too. In fact it is the fourth most popular metal only after gold, silver and platinum. But pewter contains lead too. So if you are considering wearing a pewter jewellery, it is advisable to only buy lead free pewter because lead is harmful for skin and can cause skin infections. Pewter is a very resilient metal with a lot of shelf life. It is low maintenance too. Very quickly, it has risen the in the popularity chart of metal jewelries. So if you are bored with the mainstream gold and sterling silver accessories, it is time you chuck them for pewter and bring a new edge in your look.

At piercebody.com there is a whole new range of pewter full finger rings which spells out cool and stylish. These rings look awesome because they are polished to give of a nice sheen and are given an old look through chemical darkening. The ornate carvings are made on the rough surface which is left because of the chemical process. In the Full finger pewter tri laughing skull armor ring, the intricate details of the three laughing skulls are made possible because of the low melting point of pewter which is perhaps the biggest USP of this metal.These rings can be worn with casual outfits. People with a penchant for the dark and the gothic will find this ring very appealing.This pewter ring in particular has a very sinister vibe.

The ring is priced at a reasonable $6.99. The minimum order quantity is two. These are in stock.

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