Full Finger Pewter Scorpion Armor Ring

One of the most eye catching and interest generating jewelry items is the full finger pewter scorpion armor ring. It hardly looks like a ring nor does it behave like one. The full finger armor ring actually covers your entire finger or almost your entire finger from the base. The armor rings are generally made of pewter and sterling silver. Pewter rings usually have robust designs and are more popular due to this particular aspect. People wishing to make a style statement generally prefer the pewter armor rings to the silver ones. They are comfortable to wear and dominate the style scene wherever you go.
This particular pewter full finger armor ring has one of the most popular and oft recurring motifs of a scorpion. The scorpion due to its enigmatic shape is an extremely popular theme in jewelry items. It looks powerful and attractive. Some of the scorpion design lovers wear it because of its enigmatic appeal while others believe that it is a good charm protecting them from harm. Whichever the reason is a scorpion is a much interpreted design. It has been subjected to various kinds of interpretation and experimentations more than any other design. The scorpion has a huge fan base among the youngsters and also among the adults.
Scorpions are associated with different kinds of myths and cultures. They are also considered to be among the most impactful kind of zodiac sign. Therefore, this design has always allured lots of people to embrace it in different forms.  A scorpion spells power and someone who is an extremist. The strangest fact about a scorpion is that it is small yet attractive and is also capable of intimidating others. Scorpions as designs are generally worn by people to whom style is an extension of their existence and not just meant for fashion.
The pewter has a grayish color and a scorpion design comes out very well with this color. The full finger pewter armor ring has intricate decorations it making the scorpion look stunning. It is joined in parts so as to provide our finger with the ease of movement. This deadly creature looks quite elegant in the form of a full finger armor ring. The ring has been done quite aesthetically which gives it a flawless finish. Teaming it up with casual or party attire is excellent whereas you should avoid it with cocktail gowns or LBDs.

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