Full finger pewter Pterodactyl with skull armor ring

Full Finger Pewter Pterodactyl with Skull Armor RingMen fashion accessories have always been a matter of debate. Many men shy away from jewelries thinking they might end up looking feminine or flashy and might not be able to pull it off. We would like you to know that the problems in cases like these lie with the shape and designs of the rings and not wearing rings itself.  It certainly takes some amount of boldness to wear a ring without an excuse. But if you want to put on something which is different from regular accessories like watch or cuff links, ring can be a unique accessory.

Men wear wedding rings and even religious or astrological ones, but wearing a ring as a part of completing the look is something which many men would not want to do. It is also true that the variety in men’s ring is far lesser when compared with the range of designs in women accessories. It might take some time to find a perfect ring that suits your personality, falls within your budget, is made of excellent material and comes from a reputed body jewelry manufacturer.

At Piercebody we bring to you an extensive collection of men’s accessories including full finger rings. One such is the full finger pewter pterodactyl with skull armor ring. This ring is for the youngster with a lot of spunk and attitude. This will go well with casual outfits; mainly Goth inspired look. The ring is made of pewter, a metal which is not much popular and is extremely resilient to corrosion. The alloy has a rough surface which makes it easier to carve intricate details like a pterodactyl with skull armor on it. A full finger ring like this is bound to catch attention, so it is not advisable to wear something like this in a formal occasion. You can team this up with a black tee and casual denims and with lot of spunk. This is a very low maintenance item. You can clean it with mild soap and water gently from time to time and it will be in good condition.

This particular ring is priced at $6.99.

The minimum order quantity is two pieces. These rings are in stock. You can have them delivered at your doorstep within a very short amount of time.

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