Full Finger Pewter Predator Skull Armor Ring

The predator skull armor ring made of pewter is partly cyborg and partly medieval in its design and appeal. Born in the medieval times these rings are enjoyed by the fashionista around the world today. Not just common people who love distinct and sometimes macabre themes in their personal style but also celebs are wearing the full finger armor rings fashioned out of various materials. This particular ring is made of pewter which makes it durable and also comfortable for the wearer. It has predator skull and a perfect finish. It can be called a skull ring also with its distinct shape. Pierecbody brings this product and many more such rings at an amazingly reasonable price.
Nowadays more and more designers are designing various types of full finger armor rings for women. Though it is a unisex ring very few women actually wear full finger armor rings apart from celebs. However, the large number of designs steeped in feminine yet functional styles has led women to embrace these rings and make them a part of their wardrobe or jewelry box. One thing is sure about a full finger armor ring and that is, you will get lot attention after wearing it. It has a unique appeal which naturally catches the eye.
In some parts of the world the full finger armor ring is also known as hinged ring. It is an interesting name because it is hinged at the joints to allow easy movement to your fingers. People having thick fingers can wear it on any finger they like. However, the ones possessing small or slender fingers can wear it either on middle fingers or on thumbs. This particular armor ring offered by pierecebody has a claw tip to it and therefore you should be careful while wearing it. Also this is not the stuff for kids. It is wise to keep it away from kid’s reach if you have any at home.
This predator skull looks somewhat scary but attractive at the same time. You can also wear it if you are a big fan of the predator series of films or like to watch horror or sci-fi films. In this way people will come to know about your taste in films. Lately, Rihanna, Mary Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian have been seen flaunting their full finger armor rings in distinct styles. Sure these women completely rock the rings!

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