Full Finger Pewter Lions Nail and Teeth Armor Ring

If you have a small structure but still wish to have a strong appearance and bold style, then a full finger armor ring will provide that to you. An armor ring though unisex in nature is usually worn by people to portray a strong personality. They are not meant for delicate fingers and petite structures. However, if you really have the confidence to carry any style then you can definitely experiment with a full finger armor ring. Armor rings generally have quirky designs inspired from darker side of life. These rings originated during the Gothic era and have come down as a potential source of style to the current age.
Attractive and stirring the wild imaginations of people armor rings have always fascinated the fashionista. Its uniqueness lies in its shape and designs which are distinctly different from any other kind of jewelry worn in any other part of the body. Though it is called a ring it is not shaped like one yet the visual image it creates is clearly fascinating. The best part of an armor ring is that it stands out as an individual expression of style. All of us at some point in our lives crave for individuality and an armor ring presents that opportunity to us.
No two armor rings are similar in terms of designs and appearances because the designers have lot of space to experiment. It is a longish ring covering almost the entire finger yet providing with freedom of movement. It can decorate your entire finger and can be the most attractive piece of jewelry among the ones you wear. Always be prepared for loads of attention when you are wearing an armor ring. It can really command attention from the onlookers. Its majestic stature, complex designs and unique shape calls for attention.
The tattoo loving generation specially loves to complement their tattoos with armor rings which are equally stylish. After all they are not just rings but finger art. Having something like a lion’s nail and teeth on your fingers will definitely intimidate others. If you want people to take you seriously and you are working on your appearance for that, a full armor finger ring with an intimidating design can help you a lot. Lion’s nail and teeth on your finger will definitely speak volumes on your personal style and you can revel in being the talk of the town.

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