Fruit Collections of Ferido Navel Bars

Fruit Collections of Ferido Navel Bars in a Display for a Unique Style Statement While there is a wide assortment of designs to choose from when it comes navel bars, the fruit collections of Ferido Navel bars in a display are unmatched so to say. The 12 piece fruit collection includes an interesting assortment of fruit shaped navel bars that will certainly make you stand apart in a crowd. You can wear one matching your outfit and also at times your mood. If you are in a playful mood and want to flaunt the same, then choose from one of the attractive fruit navel bars in the collection and you will surely make a few heads turn.

What’s Special about the Fruit Collection of Ferido Navel Bars in a Display?
Well all of us have seen a fruit hat. But now what makes the fruit collection of Ferido navel bars special? Judging by the size not much but when you go by the simplicity and quirkiness of the idea, then it will surely be something to look out for. What’s more there are 12 in the set and therefore you can choose to wear them by turn. You also get a display bar, which can be used to keep the steel navel bars arranged on your dressing table.  Each of the navel bars are made of surgical steel and are 1.6X10mm in size. The collection is priced at $39.99.

Why Choose Fruit Collections of Ferido Navel Bars in a Display?
As navel piercings get popular by the day, there is an increasing demand for navel jewelry that is unique, stylish and at the same time makes one feel comfortable and completely at ease. Moreover, the varied colors make it suitable for wearing with different clothes.
Moreover, if you are looking for that perfect birthday gift for your friend, then this could be it. This is stylish and in vogue and therefore just the right thing to gift to someone who prefers accessories  piercing such as these.  It will simply adorn their belly area and will surely catch people’s attention every time they wear it. You can be rest assured of the material used for making the fruit collections of Ferido Navel bars in a display and therefore need not worry about any kind of adverse reactions to the material with which they are made.
So what are you waiting for? Order these attractive fruit collections right away for yourself and your loved ones to get the best possible deal.

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