Look Your Best with French Nail Stickers

Maintaining long and shiny nails is the dream of any woman. French Nail stickers and nail polish strips can add to the appearance of the nails increasing their glamor quotient. In this age of nail arts, simple polished nails are no more in demand. Glamor, color, and innovative designs can make the nails shinier and more beautiful. The stickers are usually waterproof so that the designs will stick to it. Some of them even have jewels on them so that your nails glitter all the way. So, remember to add a zing to your wardrobe next time by adding impressive and fashionable nail sticker and color changing nail polishes to match your outfit.

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Diamond Shaped French Nail Stickers

So you had been through your monthly ritual of pedicure and manicure but this time you don’t want to put on the same boring coat of nail polish? Well, Piercebody.com has just the perfect thing for you to jazz up your nails. Beautify your nails with  French nail stickers that are easy to apply and remove and gives your nails an out-of-the-box look instantly!

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What are nail stickers?

Specially designed for enhancing the beauty of your nails, nail stickers are adhesive stick-on. They can apply directly on your bare nails and are available in an array of designs. They decorate your nails in various designs and are applicable to your bare nails.


Why wear a French Nail Stickers?

Nail art is the latest form of body art that is gaining momentum amidst the fashion conscious people. Where fashion has taken a giant leap forward, new ways of embellishing your appearance are being discovered and decorating your nails is one of them. French nail sticker adds a different panache to your look for the party or for that dinner with your date. Nail stickers draw attention to your nails and all in a positive manner.


french nail stickers

Why go for the French Nail sticker?

  • Nail stickers do not require the precision of nail art which should be left to professionals. With these French nail stickers, you are on your own and we promise, you won’t go wrong with it.
  • These nail stickers are specifically have designs to keep French nail styles and conforming to the pattern of a French manicure. Therefore, it only adds to the artistic value of the stickers.
  • If you are in a hurry but still want your nails to look all decked up, pop these stickers on. No need for polka-dotting your nails manually, which would only take up so much time. These French stickers come in cute diamond shapes and make your hands look lovely!
  • The unbelievably cheap price is an additional advantage.
  • They are made with nontoxic materials and are perfectly safe for handling by children.

Steps to attach the nail stickers:

  1. Nails should be clean from oil and makeup.
  2. The Clear protective top sheet on Sticker should be cut and removed.
  3. The sticker should be firmly placed on to clear and dry nail with the design.

For long lasting clear nail polish coat on Sticker should be applied after finishing.
For more flamboyant nail stickers, you can visit www.piercebody.com


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