Foxy Ear Jewelry

Piercing the ears has never been more fun and artistic with this new range of industrial piercing aids. They are made with surgical steel and UV material mixed to get that glow in the dark effect and they have a fox drawing as the logo in white handmade painting which has a unique appeal in the dark.
These artistic handmade industrial piercing aids are in constant demand because of the varied designs and discounted prices. They are very safe and user friendly with high durability for longer use. They can be gifted for love ones. People visiting clubs and events with wild fashion sense will love this earring.

Ear piercing has been glamorized and made funky with the launch of these new fox logo ear cartilages. These are made up of surgical steel with great workmanship and are made shining bright and are highly durable for long term usage. They are made with a fox logo drawn on the visible surface and have the UV properties of glowing in the dark and is visually stunning I huge and small gatherings.
Men and women love to flaunt these foxy ear cartilages and are cheap and available in all sizes, custom designs and colors with worldwide delivery.

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Author: pbblog

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