Flower Jeweled Chandelier Navel Ring for a Touch of Elegance

Immediately after you have got your navel pierced, the choices for navel rings are limited. At this point of time, the wound is still fresh and therefore you should give it some time to heal fully as it is prone to infections and other skin problems. During this phase, you will have to wear the ring that was used during the piercing. However, once the pierced area has healed completely, the options for navel ring are unlimited. You are free to choose anything thing that you like. Flower jeweled chandelier rings are some of the beautiful navel jewelry that you can opt for. These are intricately designed and at times can be a bit flashy as well.

Types of Chandelier Rings
There are a number of designs available when it comes to chandelier navel rings.  Some of them look like ceiling mounted light fixtures with branches emanating from the sides. These are ordained with beautiful gems. These are designed in a way so that the navel ring beautifully spreads out with an intricate arrangement of precious stones adorning the navel and flashing whenever your lower abdomen sways upon movement. titanium navel You are sure to grab some eyeballs while flashing chandelier navel rings. You can also choose from a reversed dangling chandelier or from a teardrop dangling.

Why a Flower Jeweled Chandelier Navel Ring?
The flower jeweled chandelier navel ring is also an intricately designed piece of navel jewelry adorned with stones of different colors. While these are top quality stones, the charm part is made of 925 sterling silver. The bar and ball are made of titanium or 316L steel.
The flower jeweled chandelier navel ring is available in different colors. Buying quite  a few will not only be easy on your pocket, but will also provide you with an option to team it up with outfits of various colors. Buying in bulk would mean that you can avail quantity discounts.  Buying online also gives you the option to compare the different designs available and then choose the one that suits your preference and also your budget.
So if you have got your navel pierced, then there is no point holding yourself from flaunting some really stylish and funky jewelry. Not only will it make yourself feel good but also make you stand apart in a crowd. So go ahead and make yourself the show stopper by all means. Get yourself a flower jeweled chandelier navel ring and flaunt it in style.

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