Floating Wave Micro Setting Jeweled Ear Clip

Ear piercing is considered to be the most common and normal piercing apart from nose piercing. It existed long before the fashionista started considering it as a form of style or fashion. It existed in the form of tradition and in some societies it still does exist in the same manner. However, now it has been universally accepted as a style statement and celebs from all over the world from various walks of life are seen wearing earrings or clips or cuffs to display their personal taste and style. In fact, ear is a place where multiple piercings can be done without much problem. Therefore, ear lobes, helix, tragus, auricle, orbit can all be pierced.
In fact, presently you will find children with pierced ears sporting beautiful and trendy ear piercings. Ear piercing has been practiced through ages and now the process has become smoother and safer with high tech instruments to pierce any part of the ear. Ear clips can be worn on the lobe and also on other parts of the ear. The best advantage of ear clips is that they do not dangle from the piercing thereby causing less trouble to manage them. There is also minimum chance of any damage caused to your ears because they stay put on wherever you place them.
Ear clips are available in various shapes and sizes and designs in the market. This particular one brought to you by piercebody has micro set floating wave as its design. The ear clip definitely looks gorgeous and will rock your evening party look. An earring or a clip is a must to complete your look. In fact, it is the most common form of piercing which women and also men continue to wear on a regular basis. Moreover, it has the micro setting pattern which has been devised by craftsmen to make the ornament appear brilliant and dazzling.
Micro setting is basically pave setting wherein craftsmen drill the surface of the metal to set in gemstones to make the piece appear sparkly. In this type of setting the gemstones are set extremely close to each other and make it appear unique. There is almost no space in between and it looks like a long stretch of light and shine on the jewelry item. The small beads set on the jewelry hold the gemstones on place and the entire setting looks brilliantly radiant. It has a look of symmetry with uniformly set pieces making it appear vibrant. So, grab your piece of sheer brilliance!

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