Flexi Labret with Dice

Do not want to have a labret piercing? Do not worry; you still have a chance of being the fashion diva with lowbret piercing. This is a unique variation of the labret which few people have and that’s why it’s rare and you have an opportunity to get a piercing which appears simple and popular but is unique and rare. Labret is quite common but lowbret is still uncommon. So, try it with an open mind and you will achieve the results you are looking for. The lowbret piercing is done lower on the chin far away from the labret. You can also have it combined with labret to form a unique triangle shape in the lower portion of your face.
Labret piercings are near the gums and hence it is important to get it done by an experienced professional piercer to prevent any gum damage in future. Having said that, you too are responsible for taking care of your lowbret piercing so that you can avoid any gum damage. However, if you are skeptical about the fact, then ask your piercer to cut down on the disc at the end of the push-in labret to prevent gum irritation. Bioflex labret studs are best for lowbret piercings. Piercebody brings a stunning line of bioflex labret studs for piercing enthusiasts.
This flexi labret with dice looks amazing with its colorful body and dice design. These are flexible which hurts your skin less than many other metals. The labret stud will be gentle on your skin and gums and you can have the look you want. Coming at an affordable rate the diced flexi labret will make you the next sensation in your college or among your friends. It is an interesting variation of the labret and you can the fashion leader in your area.
However, to remain at your stylish best, you must maintain the piercing and take good care of it. Follow the aftercare routine thoroughly which is provided by your piercer. Saline soak and washing the piercing with antibacterial soap is a must during the initial stages and also do not forget to keep the place dry. Eat food discreetly. Do not eat large portions of food and for the first few days take cooled off food. Once the swelling subsides you can resume your normal routine. Stay away from cosmetics and makeup during the healing period. Once it heals, you will look hot and happening without applying makeup. Enjoy lowbret piercing!

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