Flexi CBB with Steel Spikes

Flexi CBB with Steel SpikesOne of the most unusual piercings in is town now. Yes, it is the finger piercing which is generally done with curved barbells. The base of the finger is pierced and it is basically a form of surface piercing. The interesting aspect of finger piercing is that it looks like it resembles a ring on the finger only the surface of which is seen. Since, this is quite innovative, it can be used to impress others easily. Do it and see the effect. A curved barbell is the best option for finger piercing. Piercebody brings a number of curved barbells to suit anybody’s taste.

The flexi CBB with steel spikes is an interesting item with lots of color and brightness and a cone to increase the fashion quotient. The best part about this item is its flexibility which when wearing hurts less. The cone is made of 316l surgical steel which is a durable and skin friendly metal. The cone will show on the surface of the finger and look amazing. But to have it placed on your fingers you need to visit an experienced piercer and avoid doing it yourself. This is basically a surface piercing which can be horizontal or vertical.

Points are marked before making the perforations and a hollow needle is used to pierce the skin and place the jewelry item through it. It really does not pain much and the swelling reduces with time. However, do not touch your pierced finger without washing your hands during the healing period. Saline solution soak twice a day is mandatory and also wash it with antibacterial soap. Always keep the area dry and do not wear any other rings on the finger you have got pierced. Stay away from gloves and do not smoke using the pierced finger to avoid irritation.

It takes around a year for the piercing to heal completely. Finger piercing can be done on any finger you choose, ring finger, index or middle anyone. You can also choose a diamond finger piercing in which only the top of the item is visible in the middle of the chosen finger. The price for finger piercing in a well known studio will be between $35 and $50. Some people also choose dermal finger piercing and web finger piercing. The items are same but they look unique on the web. The web piercing is yet to become a common sight.

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