Fleur de Lis Curb link Stainless Steel Bracelet

It is now time to remind the world that you have arrived! Do so in style by brandishing this very cool and elegant Fleur de Lis Curb link Stainless Steel Bracelet that hugs your wrist and gives you added confidence at the same time. The design is both stylish and easy to wear and the links appear to be interlocked when it lies flat against your wrist. Now that is what defines a man, isn’t it? The width of conventional curb link chains does vary but you are assured of uniformity once you try out the collection at piercebody.com. The length of 8.5 inches is just right too as it is neither too tight so as to cut into your skin nor is it too loose to fall off silently while you end up noticing nothing. This design is definitely suitable for a fancy bracelet and you try to copy it in precious metals too. However, the stainless steel one is the most popular one as it is not hugely expensive. The durability of the bracelet is yet another factor here. The rather delicate interlocking links are not breakable nor do they corrode or rust after having water splattered over it accidentally.

The decorative fleur de lis symbol at the clasp gives the bracelet a unique style as well. A mark of French heraldry, the fleur de lis remains highly symbolic as it stands for the three qualities of faith, wisdom, and chivalry. It is also significant to the religious minded as it is thought to represent the spirituality of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. So, it is equally popular among men and women cutting across all class and boundaries of time and place.

While you are welcome to keep it for your own personal use, gifting the bracelet as a good luck charm can keep you alive in the minds of your friends for years and years. The stainless steel bracelet is extremely cost effective especially when you order it in bulk from the online store at www.piercebody.com. Getting a solid stainless steel bracelet with a cute fleur de lis at one end and the interesting curb link chain forming its body for only $19.99 is an opportunity that can hardly be waived.

So, go on and pick it up while the bracelet is available. Waiting for too long and failing to make up your mind may cost you dear as the curb link stainless steel bracelet is likely to be sold out before long.

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