Flaunt Logo Top Dermal Anchors in Style

Many of us prefer to wear dermal anchors instead of the regular jewelry for body piercings. The flat part that features the holes in it serves as the anchor under the skin. The part that sticks out is the screw head and often has a gem attached to it. After the pierced area has healed completely, the gem or the screw head can be changed as per your liking to create a completely new look. In fact, logo top dermal anchors are just what you need if you are interested in trying newer varieties of dermal anchors. This will create a new look for you everyday.

Why Logo Top Dermal Anchors?
If you are bored with wearing the same piercing jewelry, it’s time that you try something new and different. The logo top dermal anchors are made of titanium G23 base and SS top and measure 1.6x5mm in size. You need to order a minimum of a couple of anchors. There are different types of designs imprinted on the dermal anchors and you can choose one that suits you. In fact, you can even order of each kind, so that you have a whole bunch of logo top dermal anchors to choose from.  You can wear one depending upon your mood on a given day. Given the fact that the dermal anchors are made of high quality materials, the chances of an infection or allergies are minimal. You can safely and surely opt for them. Be it the skull imprinted on the dermal anchor, the symbol of the yin and yang, the danger sign or the star, you are sure to find something of your choice from among the variations available. Even if you are not sure to buy the product now, you can add it to your cart for future reference.

The Price Factor
The logo top dermal anchors are quite affordable and you can get one for €2.81. You can add the number of anchors you want of each logo type and the product will be delivered at your doorstep. However, remember you need to order at least two. Bulk purchases will ensure that you get them at attractive price points.
Logo top dermal anchors are in and you would not certainly want to miss an opportunity to flaunt them among your friends and acquaintances.  So go ahead and order a pair today so you can have them in your collection.

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