How to Figure Out the Size of Your Belly Button Ring?

Belly button rings and other types of navel piercings are inserted into the navel surface, ideally in the upper navel rim. The actual navel isn’t pierced. Hollywood can very well gather accolades as the trendsetter of belly piercings and navel jewelries. Various Hollywood films have promoted the fashion of placing jewelries and fashion accessories in bare belly buttons and slowly the fashion caught up with the global mainstream culture. The 1993 Aerosmith video also popularized navel piercing to a great extent. Today with the length of shirts and blouses going up and hip lines of jeans and other bottom wear going down, belly button rings and jewelries are considered necessary accessories by many, especially youngsters.

Types of belly button jewelries

Today with an array of navel jewelries available in shops, stores and parlours, one is bound to get flabbergasted. A range of belly button rings, barbells, studs, pendants, chains, dangling jewelry, belly bars, hoop style rings and others are available these days to display on your midriff. It’s best to take advice from a specialist and knowledgeable piercing artist who’ll guide you through the selection and piercing process. Pick a simple and hassle-free piece when piercing for the first time.

The right size for belly button rings and jewelries

Finding what fits you best isn’t a cakewalk. Therefore, taking professional help always makes sense. A trained piercing artist will assist you in picking the right navel jewelry; something snugly fitting your belly button size without looking odd. A simple ring will fit well in your belly button, although many people opt for curved barbells or captive bead rings (CBR).

  • Rings are assessed by gauge and diameter and barbells by gauge and length.
  • Use a ruler or dial calipers to evaluate the distance across the ring. Measure across inside and not the ring itself. In case of curved barbells and CBRs, remove the beads for figuring out right size and measure the bar properly.
  • Navel piercings might take six months to one year to get healed completely. Wash hands and pierced belly button with antibacterial soap and lukewarm water. Dry well and use sterilized gloves. It is advisable not to change rings and other belly piercings if the area hasn’t healed entirely.
  • Universal size for navel rings is 14 gauge. For curved barbell, the standard length is 3/8 inch or 7/16 inch. One size might not fit all. Accurate fit of belly button ring has nothing to do with body size. It basically depends on the angle and depth of actual piercing. Depending on your navel size, your piercer might make adjustments.
  • Your piercing artist might decide on a ring or longer curved barbell initially to leave room for cleaning in case of swelling and when the piercing gets healed fully, the correct size of rings and other jewelries can be determined.
  • Body jewelry stores offer various sizes for belly rings and navel jewelries. When buying online, you can select preferred size from the drop-down menu. When no size is mentioned, you can assume that it’s a standard size navel ring.

Piercing studios insert standard belly rings which are most likely to fit your piercing size. If you want to be sure, just measure and see that it isn’t longer than 3/8 inches. It’s fun, flashy, making you an attention catcher!

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Author: Aaron Benson

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