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A ferido is an epoxy resin material that bears extremely good adhesive properties. Because of this unique property, ferido has found extensive use in the jewelry market. It is  not just used in regular jewelry show case but also in different kinds of body jewelry.


Ferido is mostly used for making crystal body jewelry. The ferido is spread on the base of the jewelry before placing the crystals on it. The strong adhesive property gives holds the crystals in place and one does not need to bother about their falling of the jewelry. The  ferido crystal pendant wholesale has off late become a rage among pendant lovers. epoxy cover

The glitter of the pendant is so good that it makes the wearer dazzle wherever she goes. These pendants are mainly party jewelry.

Our wholesale body jewelry store also sell crystal tongues rings and it is because the crystals are placed in them with the use of

ferido that there is less chance of your swallowing them. Ferido is such a strong adhesive, after all ball epoxy


One must be wondering that what if any one of the crystals fall of the ferido jewelry. In such a case you do not have to worry because there are loose alloy crystals disco beads that are available 360 dermal and you can get the exact ones to match your jewelry. Are you wondering where to buy epoxy crystal stones?
Well, you can easily buy them from the trustworthy online store – Piercebody.com.

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