What Are The Latest Fashionable Nose Piercing Jewelry?

nose piercing

Nose piercing are looking elite for the purpose of visual grandness when worn. Women love to flaunt these jewels in weddings, parties and other family events. With the grand appeal showing.

This kind of piercing jewelry has been made easy to use and grand with the introduction of these gold nose pins. Which are available in various shapes like L-shaped nose rings, bent screw, nose pins, nose screws. Fish tails and nose bones are also some of jeweled with gems and stones. It also has visually appealing greatness. Men and women have a desire for these jewels because of the low cost, artistic design, and craftsmanship. With no effects on the skin, all these make them a must buy for body piercing lovers worldwide.

Some of these body jewels are made of rose gold and come in the form of 14k Rose gold nose screws. It also used for the purpose of making nose piercing elegant and beautiful. Women love these gold nose screws which are in various shapes like L-shaped, bent nose screws and straight studs. These are user-friendly and have a long product life.

The gold used is about 9k and 14k and have great shine and life.Because of the golden rose engraved on the visual side of the nose screw and it has a great shine even with regular use.

Nose stud adds a little charm for the pearl to uplift your style! In starting nose rings or nose pins were in small sizes. They are made from different materials. Some designs are most heavily by using of jewels and pearls.



History of Nose Piercings

Nose piercing was first recorded in the Middle East around 4,000 years ago. It was brought to India in the 16th Century from the Middle East by the Mogul emperors The nose piercing has its presence in Indian, African, and South Pacific cultures.

The left side is the most common to be pierced in India. It is also now very common to the American culture. Nose piercing is very attractive. The nose is the most prominent feature.



Why Do You Need the Different Designs of Nose Piercing Jewelries?


The question should be paraphrased to “why do we need a nose piercing?” Thus, in the early days, there was a reason to each piercing and a meaning of it. With the time and new era, the history is merely remembered through this kind of fashion.



Types of Nose Piercing


Gold Nose Piercing Jewelry

gold nose piercing

Gold nose piercings have been made popular and simple to use with this new set of anodized gold nose hoop rings. They are in the shape of a circular ring with a screw at one end. They are also completely anodized with gold so they become scratch resistant and rust proof and have that shine for a long time.

These nose hoop rings are loved by women, especially because of its sex appeal and elegance they provide. They are available in jaw dropping prices and suitable for daily wear and can be used for parties, clubs, and events and make the wearer the center of attraction in any crowd.



Silver Nose Piercings

silver nose ring

Silver always look beautiful and elegant. One of the best options for all is the Silver nose piercing. They are available in different shapes, sizes, colors and much more. You can even get this Silver nose piercing in floral, colorful stone designs. One can easily wear them on a daily basis, as they are very comfortable. The silver nose piercing is very low in rates and therefore, it is affordable. It is also infection free as it’s made up of pure silver. Silver is very skin friendly material and totally rust proof.  Silver nose piercing will give a new look to you.



Surgical Steel Nose Piercing Jewelry

surgical steel

Nose pins are style quotient among all women. These rings are iodized surgical steel nose pins and they are rigid and suitable for regular use. It can also be bought in all shapes and forms. Nose pins are worn by women on a daily basis and are a custom in India. Many women wear it with ease by piercing their nose. It highlights the nose and brightens the face and illuminates one’s persona.

Nose pins are very pocket-friendly and you can modify it with various stones and precious gems. They tag as perfect gifts for ladies all over the world.



Non-Piercing Nose Piercing

Are you one of those people who loves nose rings but doesn’t want to get your nose pierced? Are you not very confident about being able to carry it off?  Well then, worry not and try our range of non-piercing nose rings. This is to bring out the dive in you without actually piercing your nose.

This nose screw is made from 14K solid yellow gold and comes with jeweled star designs. The star design is a beautiful white stone in the center which adds to the charm of the nose pin. This is also skin friendly and is hypo allergic.


nose studs


Nose Piercing Designs

Nose piercings are made in various sizes and presented in a custom made. It is also a novel design made by creative geniuses in the house. They are easy on the wallet which makes women skip a beat. Users especially women adore and cherish this gold nose pins.
Diamond Nose Studs

The diamond nose studs are one of the exquisite charms of gold round diamond nose rings. It’s a beautiful 9k gold nose pin either with L- shape or a nose screw with different sizes from 1.4mm, 1.5mm to 2mm. Known as Genuine Round DIAMOND. High-quality diamond nose pins in the whole of Bangkok is only available at our walk-in showroom or online store Piercebody.com. Featuring the most exquisite style of diamond nose pins! What else can go beyond when we have such a classy facial piercing at its best price!


nose ring hoops

Nose Ring Hoops

Our set of nose ring hoop is made from 14K solid yellow gold and is tested to be completely skin friendly and safe on the skin. It comes with a simple star design at the end, which gives it a chic look without going over the top with jeweled ends. This is perfect accessory no matter on what occasion you choose it to wear it for. It is also very affordable.

For ages, nose rings have been considered as the ultimate style statement to bring out your feminine side. So this season, don’t look for excuses while shopping for body jewelry and buy you a nose ring hoop.


nose pins

Nose Pins

Go for the glitter of gold and end up being the golden gal! Yes, you are sure to find all eyes rivet towards you once you sport a shimmering nose pin in the royal metal i.e. gold. These nose pins are fashioned out of 9K or 14K gold at piercebody, giving you an opportunity of sparing your pocket too. You are sure not to get bored by the uniform yellowish gleam either. The gold nose pins come in a variety of colors with the visible end of each embellished stunning jewel. You are free to opt for a tiny diamond too, especially if you are shopping for your wedding collection.


  1. 14K Gold Pinsl-shaped nose pins

These new style L-shaped  14k gold nose pins are made of the finest gold with high durability. It is very hygienic with no scratches and very easy to handle. It is bent at one end, hence the L shape provides anchorage while worn and with gems, stones and diamonds for greatness at the other end so these are authentic 14K shaped gold nose pins.


  1. Diamond Nose Pindiamond nose pin

This is an excellent quality genuine of 14k diamond nose pin with the stone size of 1.4mm or 1.5mm. Also known as the Color:”G” and the clarity of “SI1”.  We carry the finest line of high-end gold body jewelry. Our nose piercing jewelry is nickel-free 14K Gold.

If you are looking for a stunning nose ring that stands out and looks absolutely fabulous, then this is the perfect nose piercing jewelry for you. This beautiful 9k  diamond nose pin allows you to choose the stone size either 1.5mm or 2mm.



BioFlex Nose Piercing


BioFlex Nose rings are comfortable to wear and are softer than steel. It is also the same with other materials. It makes you uneasy sometimes yet it is available in beautiful colors, designs, and materials. They are safer to wear and easy to change without any problems.

BioFlex Nose rings stay secure in the nose, causing no infection and are also free from any type of allergy. They also hide your piercing very well, which make your nose look more beautiful. Bio Flex nose rings are highly non-reactive, which makes it a very good choice for the first time nose piercers. Various designs include push-fit and pin-ups, which helps in eliminating irritation.


Cubic Zirconia Nose Studs

Need Fashionable yet Affordable Nose Piercing Jewelries?

Need a nose piercing jewelry? Choose from our wide selection of top quality nose screws, nose studs, and nose pins. Sparkle and shine with a sexy nose stud from Piercebody.com. These jewelries have the best quality for nose piercing because it cautiously selects our body jewelry. There are better options where the preference is only at Piercebody.com.

In addition, quality of the body jewelry, quantity of stocks, friendly customer support and our online shopping for body jewelry is quick and efficient.

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