Fantastic Fancy PVD Plated Internal Screw Fit Mustache Cut Out Ear Flesh Tunnel

Show off your ear piercing to the world in a cute and endearing way. Enthrall your friends by adding a chic ear flesh tunnel to your lobe and move out of the realm of ordinary. The gorgeous ear tunnel is ideal for a stretched ear piercing and looks great if you have a scalloped piercing as well. While a conventional flesh tunnel comes in narrow gauges, you are free to experiment with slightly wider ones that will stretch your piercing agreeably. Don’t you worry if your newly stretched ear feels a bit uncomfortable, you will get used to it soon enough. Do check out the online stores and regular piercing jewelry stores alike and choose the ear flesh tunnel you want for yourself. It comes in a variety of materials from bamboo, glass, plastic, and metal to anything else you can think of. Ponder on this aspect carefully for the untested bamboo or glass ear tunnels may end up infecting your ear. Surgical steel is certainly the best bet here. It is safe and keeps your skin free from all kinds of infections as well as allergies. Steel also happens to be lightweight and comfortable for daily wear and you can clean your flesh tunnels without having to go through special cleaning procedures either.

An internal screw helps to keep your piercing jewelry in place securely and you do not run the risk of losing one or both flesh tunnels suddenly. You also have the opportunity of giving yourself a double bonus by selecting a PVD plated flesh tunnel. The coating is extremely durable and is likely to outlast every other coating material on your jewelry items. Surgical steel is recognized as one of the most suited materials for a PVD coating. Cleaning it with the aid of water and a mild soap is enough usually. However, bleach and scouring materials can also be used safely to remove signs of tarnish, grime as well as rust.

Fret not; you do not have to settle for the dull and deadly black all the time. A PVD coated flesh tunnel can come in different hues and offers it in the colorful combinations of black, gold and rose gold. The cute moustache cut gives it an offbeat look as well.

The cost effective flesh tunnels can be made even more affordable by opting to buy several pieces at one go. You will stand to profit by using the attractive and affordable flesh tunnels as thoughtful gifts for your friends on special occasions.

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