Fancy Jeweled Navel Jewelry

Piercing your navel or belly button had been a hot trend just a few years ago. Alas! The popularity has cooled down a little at present although the sight of a beautiful girl with a delicate charm dangling from her belly button is still considered to be an attractive sight. Fret not, if you want to attract attention by flaunting such jewelry, it is not a crime, you know. So go ahead and get your belly pierced for starters. Remember that it is not actually your umbilicus or navel that will have to bear the pain of a piercing needle passing through but its outer rim. Rest assured, the process hardly takes a minute and you will feel no excruciating pain associated with it.

It is time to lie low for 6 months afterwards though, just give your gorgeous piercing a chance to heal itself. Go shopping for lovely navel jewelry in the meantime and think up various ways of adoring your beautiful belly button that can put the exotic Eastern dancers to shame.

A ball and barbell combo is usually considered to be the best when it is finally time to show off your exquisite jewelry. You do know the right place to shop of course! Yes! It is, the spectacular online shop specializing in body piercing jewelry to suit all pockets and ages. You will have no reason to regret the decision once you make the purchase here.

A tinkling silver charm dangling from the piercing is sure to set many hearts aflutter especially if you go for a jeweled one. There is absolutely no dearth of colors for the gem stones either and you are free to choose anything from pink, blue, green, or purple. A clear diamond like gem stone of the most fine quality will certainly help you to captivate your admirers especially when you wear it paired with a midriff baring pants suits or an Eastern style floor length gown that leaves your belly button bare.

Sterling silver is lovely to look at, no doubt but it may be a trifle too expensive, if you want the entire jewelry made of silver. Go for the biocompatible titanium and surgical steel combination for the bar and barbell portion and keep your delicate skin safe from infection and ugly allergies once and for ever.

It might make more sense to buy a couple or more such jewelry at the wholesale rate of $3.99 apiece though. You end up getting the best of all worlds here!

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