Fancy Jeweled Belly Button Piercings

A toned midriff with a cute gleaming belly button ring peeking just above the navel is sexy no doubt but you do have to keep certain things in mind in order to pull it off. The main criterion is the actual piercing of course. Do go for it by all means, if you are thinking off going back to the 90s style or are fascinated by the flashing belly buttons that you have seen in pin up girls. Try and locate a piercer as soon as possible though but do remember to inquire whether the person is adept that piercing navels too. Going to a girl or guy who has long years of experience behind him as an ear lobe piercer is certainly not going to help you in this case. So look for specifics and only allow the individual to have his way with your taut belly button once he / she has the necessary credentials.

Sure, it involves a bit of pain but then you cannot really hope to have all the good things to fall into your lap without going through a bit of discomfort, right? It might be best to grin and bear it stoically and come out of the piercer’s cubicle with a newly pierced navel. Wait! Your navel will not be pierced through and through though. Relax! You will only have a tiny piercing on the top rim! Infections will not be rampant therefore but it will pay to heed your piercer’s instructions about keeping the wound clean and dry thereafter. Do follow the rules and brave it out for the necessary period of 6 to 9 months before you can dream of inserting a delicate piece of jewelry through the piercing and stun the world.

There is no dearth of variety when it comes to belly rings though and you are free to give wings to your fantasies. Visiting stores specializing in exotic piercing jewelry may be a time consuming affair though, something you do not cherish doing even when it amounts to buying jewelry, a pleasurable pastime otherwise. No worries! Stop contemplating dressing up and visiting every shop that you can think of, stay within the comfortable confines of your home instead and browse through, the only online body piercing jewelry store that has the capability of pleasing you every time.

The fancy jeweled belly button rings are sure to delight you with their amazing colors courtesy high quality gems and exquisite design. Go on grab 2 at a time. You will be surprised to get it at the wholesale rate of $4.19 per piece.

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