Fancy Jeweled Silver Earrings with Gems

Fancy Jeweled Silver Earring with GemsBeautiful, tantalizing, gorgeous earrings in various shapes and sizes can be seen dangling from the ears of women. Young, old, teenagers and even children have their ears pierced nowadays as an expression of style. Keeping in mind the changing tastes of people jewelry designers are creating beautiful pieces out of various kinds of metals. Some of the pieces are studded with gems while others look beautiful in their elegance and simplicity. Some are ornate while others are simple and minimalist in design. The one offered here is an artistically done leafy design on 925 sterling silver which is one of the most preferred metals for piercing jewelry.

Lovely and delicate the leafy designed earring for sales crafted from high quality silver is durable and comes at a competitive price. The only little problem with any silver earring jewelry items is that it requires polish after a certain period of time. But that is part of jewelry maintenance. Moreover, this particular item has gemstones studded all over making it even more stunning. You can team it with formals, ethnic wears and also casuals. This pair of earring will go particularly well with a round face. Available with different colorful gemstones, if you have more than one pair you can mix and match the jewelry to complement your look and blend in well with the ensemble. This pair of Jeweled Silver Earrings is available at

Ear piercing is not just about style, it is also about expressing yourself in a unique way and hence some people are quite obsessive about it. Simply having a lovely pair or pairs of beautiful earrings is not enough. The piercing zone must also be taken care of. You must have noticed that your ear smells weird when you have it pierced in certain parts. There are reasons behind that smell which when you know will cause you less tension and worries.

During the healing process scar tissue is formed and your body sheds the dead skin cells. Blood and plasma is also released. A foul smell can be sign of two things- first, your piercing area is not clean and second, it has been infected. You must have heard of ear cheese which signifies the foul smell of rotten cheese with the secretion of sebum, body’s natural oil and accumulation of dead skin cells around the pierced area. This is generally a phenomenon with stretched earlobes. Hence, it is necessary to remove the plug and clean it along with the pierced area to avoid the rotten smell.

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