Fancy Chandelier Micro Setting CZ Stone Brass with Rhodium Platting Earring

Fancy Chandelier Micro Setting CZ Stone Brass with Rhodium look amazing dangling from one’s ears. The chandelier is one of the most exotic earring designs that the fashion world can’t have enough of. Every woman of any age has at least one pair of chandeliers in her jewelry box. It is a dream of every woman to wear a nice and gorgeous chandelier to the most special event in her life. Chandeliers are long, jeweled and are mostly worn with equally fashionable outfits. They can be of various lengths, designs, shapes and sizes. The chandeliers are unique due to their shape which resembles a chandelier in the drawing room.

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The beautiful part of wearing a chandelier earring is that it dangles from your earlobes and moves with the rhythm of your body. These multiple layered ornate earrings are normally worn on pierced earlobes with a post being inserted through the lobes. The shoulder kissing chandeliers are in vogue now and everyone from the celebs to the commoners loves to wear it. This particular chandelier from Piercebody is plated with rhodium making it durable. It renders a sparkling effect due to the presence of the CZ stones which are micro set. Tantalizing and fabulous this chandelier will always enhance the beauty of the wearer.

How Can an Earring Enhanced Your Look?

The CZ stones set inside the chandeliers are pink in hue making it even more feminine and delicate to look at. Team it up with your gown or with a lehenga and feel the difference. Chandeliers are the choice of celebs on the Red Carpet due to their large silhouette and rich appearance. The shoulder kissing chandeliers are the favorite pick of the celebs matching their flamboyant style. It is fondly known as a swinging earring by many chandelier earring lovers. Wearing a chandelier will guarantee lots of attention because of its design, shape, and movement. The spectacle often created by chandelier earrings is that of a shooting star. These are matchless in terms of glamor.

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Chandeliers because of their rich look and feel are often the choice of brides on their wedding day. They are made from gold or other metals like silver or brass with metal plating to be worn on the big day. Wearing a pair of chandeliers will make you look like a princess attracting all the attention from your groom as well as others attending your special day. Chandelier earrings are sometimes worn without pairing with a necklace like rook jewelry. Statement chandeliers are often worn by celebs for parties and events to turn heads.

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