Fanciful Fleur De Lis Shield Finger Ring

Do you fancy yourself as a knight and wish that you had been born in the Middle Ages? No worries, for here is an opportunity to make your dream come true, partially at least. It comes in the form of a magnificent fleur de lis shield finger ring. Sport the brilliantly shinning shield on the ring finger of your right hand and display the martial might of the country you represent as its avid citizen. You are not compelled to forgo wearing this heroic piece of heraldic finger ring if you happen to be a girl either. It was the Joan of Arc who had taken up the fleur de lis as her symbol before marching against the English. You can definitely adopt the same symbol too and chose to wear the shield in the form of a ring.
The elderly and the adults need not stay away from such an enchanting ring at all. The religiously inclined will be justified in slipping it on their finger as a part of their regular attire and remember the Holy Trinity depicted by the three distinct petals of the fleur de lis. It happens to be the symbol of the Virgin Mary too, so the finger ring can be of equal significance to the Catholics among you.
There is no hard and fast requirement to be either politically or religiously motivated either. You can simply select the ring for its aesthetic value and wear it proudly, showing off its intricately carved features. Allow yourself to be transported in time by looking at the fleur de lis shield on your finger ring and imagining the battles of medieval times. The design is bound to sweep you off your feet too. The delicate three petal lily sits pretty at the center of the etched shied while the shiny stainless steel knobs protect it on all four sides by forming a border. It is absolutely perfect for creating a wax seal too. Have hours of fun pretending to be the Dark Knight or the one in a shining armor, the ring remains at the center of your attention at times.
You might give it away as a Christmas or birthday gift as well. The young boys are likely to howl in delight on receiving such a thoughtful and interesting gift. Play the role of Good ol’ Santa for once and revel in the delight of the young and old alike.

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