Fake UV Plugs

Black and Gold Color Jeweled Fake Ear Plug      Black UV Ear Piercing with Logo

At piercebody.com you can get the style without undergoing the painful process of ear stretching with the help of our fake UV
plugs. Since, getting stretched ears is a painful process, you can check out our extensive range of fake earplugs and fake ear stretchers for a painless impression of a real ear stretcher. Moreover, the fake ear plug easily fits into your 1.2 mm ear piercing, thus, you can choose from a wide range of designs and colors fake ear plug steel to have fun with your style. white ear plug

Irish Cross Laser Cut Fake Ear Plug      SS Stopping Hand Fake Ear Plug       Gold Anodized Fake Ear Plug

Fake non piercing body jewelry is generally made up of the highly polished 316L grade surgical steel, which
won’t cause any kind of irritation or skin allergy. Tongue piercing

At pierce the body, you can also check out the hand painted earplugs that are a great option to upgrade
your style. You also have the option of 1.2x6mm fake plugs with studded crystal jewels and Male ear lobe fake plugs to accentuate your style with.

These radical yet soothing fake earplugs will help you look cool and they go along with all the modern kinds of attires.

  Fake ear stretchers are a wonderful choice fake tongue rings for the parties and other such occasions. Go for the spiral
shaped wholesale fake stretchers l and 1=1, they’re a fantastic alternative to normal earrings. They’re made up of UV and
steel, plus they come in the sizes of 3,4,5,6 mm. These fake ear stretchers look exactly like the real thing and come in multiple designs.
 Another of the designs that you can check out is the weed sign fake stretcher ear taper, which is quite popular amongst the women these days.

These fake stretchers and plugs are built of the best and safest material; therefore, you won’t have to worry about piercing related

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