Fake Plug Jewelry That Saves You From Pain of Piercing

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get the stretched ear look? Then fake plug jewelry is one of the best options available. It is also highly affordable and does not cause any pain.

Fake Plug Jewelry design

How to Choose Fake Plug Jewelry for your Personality

Choose the cool fake plugs for fake ear piercing without any pain! These plugs for ears fit into a typical 1.2mm ear piercing, but look just like a real stretching. Anybody can get an instant stretching with one of our fake ear plugs.

These are very clever earrings which make it look like you have a stretched piercing. They are super convincing in style. They also sure to fool everyone and into the thought that you have actually stretched your ears. Adorn your ears with gorgeous range of fake or illusion plugs. Earrings which fit a standard ear piercing and give the look of stretched ears.

fake plug jewelry

Fake Plugs Designs

Since the start, there are many available designs to let you speak out your mood. You can choose the designs that you can most relate. Either it could be fun, girlie, feminine designs like the heart and butterfly designs. Also consider something bolder like the laughing skull design. These come in many materials like UV, gold, sterling silver or surgical steel thus giving you a even wider option for you to choose your pair from.

Try our range of fake ear plugs to instantly give your ear a stretched ear look without any pain and at highly affordable price too. These range of fake ear plugs are made from UV material, or 9K-14K gold or surgical steel or sterling silver and are tested to be hypo allergic.

These are available in many designs and varieties like the simple disc in shape fake 14k gold ear plug in discs of different sizes to craft beautifully for fake ear plugs in many bold and appealing designs like the hanging man, dragonfly, butterfly or the scorpion design to mention a few. There is also a variety of stones embellished discs in different colors.


Author: Somal Piercebody

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