Fake Jeweled Expander

Most of the people love stretched ears just because of the available  body jewelry options for them. However, if you’re apprehensive about stretching your ears wood spiral plugs, you can always try out the fake jeweled expander or the cool fake stretchers fake taper, and that’s a great way to look stylish without undergoing the pain of ear stretching. You can find multicolored fake stretchers according to your choices.resin taper

Hand Painted Fake Ear Plug Wooden Marble Spiral Tail Fake Ear Plug


  Among these cool fake stretchers fake ear wood are Fake ear plug 12mm, they just look like the real ones. They come in different designs and very comfortable to put on. They’re available in various materials like acrylic, steel or UV; you can choose them according to your piercing’s demands straight end. In addition, fake 10 mm ear stretchers are a good way to cheat your way into looking glamorous. They’re light and comfortable, so won’t weight down your ears while you wear them all day long.


Round Crystal stone Fake Ear Plug    

Funky body jewelry is the fake flesh tunnels; it’s a kind of earlobe piercing jewelry, which is made to look like a Fake tunnel. You can go for fake skull tunnel, which will create the illusion of stretched ear piercing. However, if the fake flesh tunnel fails to create the look you want, then you can always go for the fake flesh tapers for the ultimate makeover. Try the claw shaped fake taper earring that has a spike that sits through your earlobe piercing while giving it an effect of an authentic stretching tapers in your piercing.

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