Fabulously Created Fake EarPlugs And Expanders

fake earplugs and expandersFake earplugs and expanders are the answer! As body piercing is all the rage now plus you get to wear stunning jewelry all over your body. But fret not if you haven’t quite managed to muster enough courage to submit yourself to the sharp piercing needle. You can flaunt your ear jewelry just the same. Having your ears stretched is painful indeed! However, you need to experience some pain in order to look attractive, right?

Well, not quite! In addition, you have Piercebody to give you that wonderfully stretched ear look minus the pain. In courtesy with their super range of fake ear plugs. Either from funky solid colors or cool prints, you are sure to get an ear plug for every occasion. The stainless steel makes with UV coating helps you to get the best of both world i.e. safety and aesthetics. Opt for the anodized gold or sterling silver fake ear plugs, if you want to sport a traditional look, though. The crystal or gem studded ear plugs can help you to become the belle of the evening as well.

Different Varieties of Fake Earplugs and Expanders

  1. Ear Flesh Tunnel Plugs

    All these ear plugs have internal thread designs which comprise with high-grade equipment. These ear flesh tunnel plugs are mainly used for casual and everyday wear. They can be worn even to clubs, parties, and discotheques.

    pyrex glass fake earplugsProbably all of the fake ear plugs and expanders are made of surgical steel which is very hygienic and comes at a very cheap price. They can be bought in bulk orders because of the constant demand. These ear plugs with internal thread designs are made by artistic craftsman and loved by both men and women who love fashion.

  2. Pyrex Glass Ear Plugs

    No worries if you are plagued by contact dermatitis also known as metal allergy. Piercing your ear will certainly not go in vain when you have earplugs and expanders made of pyrex glass. This particular style of jewelry is affordable and stylish at the same time. It makes your fake earplugs more attractive due to colorful pebbles on the outer surface.  There are also different available designs spiders or an owl along with different colors gray, green, orange or yellow.


It makes no sense to shy away from gorgeous piercing jewelry anymore. You have the benefit of trying out the entire range of fake earplugs jewelry and expanders from the makers of body piercing jewelry now. You can sure to flaunt your style in one bright color after the other and also allow the world to sympathize with the pain of piercing.

As a result, never let them into your secret of no pain all gain, though. You not only get to wear the stunning plugs for ears now but the excellent ear extenders in vibrant colors and unique designs give your ears a stretched look that would not have been possible before without experiencing excruciating pain.


Piercebody.com takes your Fashion ’ism’ to the next level with its all new spiral fake ear plug. Here’s why you should try it out.


What is a Fake Ear Plug?

Invisible fake ear plug is a good way to flaunt the look of an ear plug without going through any permanent modification on the earlobes. This type of jewelry fits into any standard-sized piercing while giving the illusion of a real ear plug. This particular jewelry is made from UV acrylic material and stainless steel.


What is UV acrylic?

Ultra Violet body piercing jewelry is nowadays widely manufactured from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Commonly called Acrylics and Acrylic resin, they come from polymers of derivatives or acrylic acid and methacrylic acid. As far as safety is concerned, recent data indicate that the human body tolerates acrylics exceptionally well.
This particular style of UV Black and Green Invisible Fake Ear plug reacts to special UV lights and is thus, perfect for night time style.
So this jewelry offers you with:

  • Various sizes of the same spiral design from 3mm to 8mm.
  • Lower cost than the real ear plugs.
  • Light weight that is much easier to carry than the real ear plugs.
  • Much comfort to wear without causing any possible hazard to your tender lobes.
  • The colorful effect that glows under special lights of discos and sunlight.
  • Low maintenance hazard and;
  • Your signature body art looks without really compromising with your natural beauty, family traditions or professional requirements.

Why this fake ear plug?

  • The spiral shape of this fake ear plug is funky and mischievous. It would be great with this jewelry if you wish for flamboyance in your style with an expression of self-confidence in your attitude.
  • Suitable for casting casual or quick quirky look.
  • The kisses of the black stripes on the green texture in this faux ear plug create a mysteriously desirous impact, sure to fetch attention from all corners.
  • The spiral shape can go with any face cutting and shall match any hairstyle

So now it is all the way easier for you to create your customized signature look in a quick movement, sure to put the world at your feet wherever you go. Grab it fast!


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