Fake Earplug that Brings Out the Fun Side in You

These days, fake earplug and expanders have become very popular. They instantly give your ear a more stretching look without any pain at all.

Are you unhappy with your ear length and want to give it a hotter look without any pain? Try the new range of fake earplugs to get your dream look.


There are different types of ear piercings that are available in the market today. These come in different designs and sizes.  There are made from either surgical steel or sterling silver, UV material or gold. These items are tested to be safe on the skin without causing any allergies. You could also choose simple jeweled fake ear plug in different colors. Some people opt for chic disc fake ear plug in black or the ones made from gold.

organic wood fake earplug

Advantages of Wearing Fake Earplug

The trends of wearing fake earplug body jewelry are very popular due to its availability of a variety of designs and styles. Fake earplug jewelry has quite many advantages than real ear plugs.

  • The main advantage is you can find your required design with utmost affordable prices and as such, you can buy more than one pair.
  • Another advantage is they are very lightweight. Most people make use of this fake ear plugs in order to protect their ears. It provides you greater comfort due to its light weight design. Even though it’s not that much equal to that of a real piercing but still fake ear plug looks It is available in vibrant colors and cool designs.

What is the difference between Natural Ear Piercing and Gauging?

The difference between natural ear piercing and gauging ears are that ear cartilage stretching will never get back the original shape.

 organic turqoise fake earplug

Fake Earplug Jewelry Designs

  1. Marble Straight Fake Earplug

    – a sort of piercing for wearing ornaments like ear lets UV tunnel. Ear stretching or simple gauging ears are the permanent ear piercing process. However, ear stretching should be done at different steps as it is painful.

    marble straight fake earplug

  2. Spiral Fake Earplug

    – this is a kind of fake earplug that is popular among women who have a passion for flowers. The jet black colored ear sets are impressive and gorgeous. Many people love these spiral designs of great imagination and craftsmanship and have a lasting product life.


    spiral fake earplug
    They are at low prices with constant demand among the younger generation and are available from sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm and are suitable to be worn on all occasions.

  3. Spiral Glowing Ear Jewelry

    – this product adds to the ears and now with this exemplary collection of spirally shaped fake acrylic plugs ear piercing is made simple and trendy. Women go crazy with this product because it’s made up of surgical steel and UV material which makes them durable and glow in the dark and hence portrays a visual appeal for the onlookers.

    spiral glowing fake earplug

    Women can flaunt these spiral acrylic plugs for occasional and daily use. These are also suitable for gifting special and dear ones. They are in the shape of a spiral circle with a detachable end and hence make the piercing look wide and they are in constant demand.

  4. Fake Earplug Logo Design

    – these type of earplug jewelry is present to stretch the piercing made in the ears. They are very easy to use with many shapes and sizes. The newest design is the fake tapers with the logo engraved on the plugs. These are made of UV materials and surgical steel mixed and they have the shine and the glow in the dark feature.

    fake earplug with logo

    The logos used are different styles and can be customized and they are cheap and hence form lovely gifts for friends and family.

  5. Glowing Earplug Jewelry

    – these earplugs are made with the latest technology using the combination of surgical steel and UV components which give them the distinct glow in the dark visual appeal. This range of wild ear plugs is especially loved by youngsters who love to party in clubs, pubs, and discotheques.

    diamond fake earplug

    These ear plugs are mainly worn by followers of rock and gothic style of fashion because of the indefinite combination of colors used in these ear plugs.

heart steel fake earplug

Finding a Reliable and Safe Fake Earplug?

Finding out the right jewelry for your body piercing can certainly be an ordeal. Cut your work short by visiting Piercebody.com and you are not likely to look elsewhere for ornaments that suit you. While the designs are spectacular and unique, its online store displays every kind of jewelry that is right for you.

jeweled cross fake earplug

From double helix piercing, both studs and rings; nose rings, labrets, belly button rings and eyebrow studs in special trays. It is where each of them highlights with the best feature being revealed completely. The CZ and crystals are sure to catch the eye when displayed against a jet black background whereas the colored jewelry and funky ones look good when arranged by size.


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