Fake ear taper stretchers in mix UV O rings

Fake ear plugs are hot and in. it is time to ditch the traditional and boring earrings and ear studs and try something bold this time. Ear stretching looks great, particularly if you have a medium sized earlobe. At the same time, it can look quite weird if you have very small earlobe and you stretch it too much. Moreover, there is the added problem of the time. The healing process takes a lot of time. It is painful too. Not to mention, how stretched earlobes and off beat accessories are frowned upon in workplaces. Considering all these problems, teenagers and other individuals who want to give their earlobe that tapered appearance, go for the fake ear plugs. They look quite convincing and stylish too.
At our online store, we cater to every kind of demands regarding piercing accessories. It is no wonder that you will be spoilt for choices as you see the varied range of fake ear plugs we have at display. They are all fancy and extremely comfortable to wear. There is the Fancy Fake Ear Plug with 16G barbell and UV rings. The O rings are rainbow anodized. The whole piece is of the screw fit type which makes it easy to remove. The UV rings will dazzle eyes when they catch light. You won’t need any more accessories except this if you are going to party late and hard.
The 316L surgical steel is the safest material to use when manufacturing ear plugs. As this will be attached to the tender earlobes, we take every pain to ensure that the material is hygienic and of the highest quality.
The material is bio compatible and will last you long. It does not even need much maintenance. Minimum order quantity for this fancy fake ear plug is five. You can gift them to your friends or keep them to create different looks for yourself every once in a while.
The price is reasonable and is determined keeping the budget of teenagers and young adults in mind. For each piece of this product, you will only have to pay $0.52.
These ear plugs are still very much in stock. Hurry up and get your share.
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