Fake ear plugs with Pink and yellow UV O rings- brighten up your look

Why go into all the bother of stretching your earlobes when you have the option of donning UV and steel fake ear plugs that will be painless yet give you the same stunning look? This is the mantra which many teenagers and young people are swearing by when it comes to the ear stretching frenzy that is catching fast with the piercing lovers based around the world. And when you combine the gorgeous appeal of this ear plugs with the eye dazzling beauty of UV rings, you get a piece of piercing accessory which is unique and amazing in every sense.
This is what we offer you at piercebody.com. An online store devoted to bring you some pf the most mind-blowing fancy piercing accessories which have no rival in the fashion world and will always make you stand out from the mainstream followers of piercing jewelries.
One of the attractive items from the fake ear expander collection is the fancy anodized fake plugs with pink and yellow UV O rings. The ear plug as you can understand from the description is made of O rings and is of the screw fit variety. The O rings give the accessory a pretty shape and because they are made of UV material, these balls respond to bright lights. These fancy ear plugs thus make for a great option to wear at night clubs and discos where there is a lot of neon light. You will be the centre of attention without any doubt as all eyes rest on the moving pink and yellow colors of the ball.
Our store also keeps in mind the fact that ear plugs remain attached to one of the most tender portions of your body- your earlobes. Hence we ensure that the metal you wear caters to the comfort factor in every way. This piece of ear plug is made of surgical steel. This does not react with the ear tissues in any way. The polish is smooth and it does not get tangled in hair strands or clothing. Also, this material is strong and makes the ear plug last longer.
You can get a piece of this fancy ear plug in UV O ring at just $0.52.
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