Fake ear plug earrings in quirky foot logo- grab your piece

Fake ear plug earrings are cool and stylish. There is no denying that. Of course, you might hear snide remarks about the “fake” part, but hey! If it makes you look good and feel good, who cares! And of course going for the real deal is trouble enough. A bad ear expanding job will not make your earlobes look any attractive. Also there is the added problem of the piercing taking a lot of time to heal. Who wants so much of pressure when you have the quick solution of wearing the fake ear plugs that are easy to obtain, easy to wear and remove and looks perfectly convincing!
Piercebody.com has an exclusive collection of wonderful fake ear plug earrings that are a delight to look at. They are comfortable to put on. They will fetch you a lot of compliments. Because let’s face it, very few women are bold enough to sport an ear expander, so that in itself is quite a feat. And we bring about whacky designs keeping those bold, unapologetic and adventurous women in mind, the ones who would not shy away from wearing something as outlandish as a foot logo on their ear!
The Foot Logo Jeweled Fake Ear Plug Earring is one of a kind. The fake ear plug resembles a normal stud which has a foot logo in the centre and is surrounded by encrusted jewels. The jewels are of high quality and catch light; hence bringing a lot of attention to your beautiful ear accessory. The size of this fake ear plug earring is 1.2xmm. The material is the finest quality surgical steel which is known for its strength. An ear plug made from surgical steel will last you years as they tend to have a very long shelf life. Also the smooth polish will ensure that the ear plug will not wear away or get tangled in your hair r clothing. This item is indeed your best bet when it comes to comfort.
There is a clearance sale on at our online store. You will get great accessories at reduced rates. This fancy ear plug will only cost you $0.49. However you can avail big discounts if you do bulk shopping.
So what are you waiting for? Visit our official website www.piercebody.com and adorn yourself with great piercing accessories.

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