Fake ear plug in 007 design- A great “Bond”ing for your ears

Ear accessories are something that a woman can never get enough of. Be it a simple pearl stud or a beautiful dangling earring or a stylish barbell, the choice of ear accessories are so big and varied. What’s best about ear jewelry is how it can change your complete appearance. They should always be complementing your dress beautifully but most importantly, they should also reflect your personality. Very often, you can say what kind of a person the woman is by the jewelry she chooses to wear. If she is a sweet and innocent teenager, a flower encrusted piece looks magnificent on her ears; a working woman would always choose a fuss free stud and a person with a dash of boldness and adventure in her might try something as different as the fake ear expanders!
In our store, we have a large collection of all type of piercing accessories including fake ear expanders or ear plugs. Ear expanders are for that fraction of people who like taking the experiment with ear piercing accessories to the next level. These are cool and incredibly stylish for someone who has a whacky dressing sense and a devil may care attitude.
One of the eye catching items from our fake ear expander collection would be the 007-logo-jeweled-fake-ear-plug. This ear plug gives off a very convincing appearance of stretched ears and looks gorgeous too. It has a 007 logo etched in the centre which is surrounded by diamond clear stones of high quality. The logo in particular attracts the attention of everyone because of the edgy and flamboyant vibe associated with it. The size of this fake ear plug is 1.2x6mm. it is incredibly comfortable to wear because of the top quality surgical steel material which is used to manufacture items like these that are tender for your ears.
There is exciting news for the customers of piercebody.com. a clearance sale is going on at the start of this year and various beautiful piercing accessories are being sold off at a discounted price which is much much less than the original price of the items during other times of the year. For example, whereas a fake ear plug like this will cost you around $0.50, you will be getting this 007-logo-jeweled-fake-ear-plug for only $0.41. The minimum order quantity is 2. Happy shopping!
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