Facial Jewelry Designs

Anodized Titanium Straight Barbell

If you’re going for the latest body jewelry designs then check out our facial body jewelry designs featuring the colorful and stylish products that will give you a stylish appearance Rose gold curved barbell titanium barbell 0g plug. You can start with the tongue ring designs 14k nose screw, which are designed specifically j curved for great look as well as a comfortable feel finger piercing pieces.

14K Gold Round CZ Machine Cut

You can also check out the eyebrow dangle jewelry that will easily enhance your look with the stylish feel. They’re available in 16 gauge Titanium banana
various colors and shapes, made of the anodized surgical steel and Titanium G23; they’re great for your piercing’s health as well. Eyebrow Bananabells and curved barbells are also great for a highly stylish look internal curved barbell; they’re available in different sizes to suit your need. star eyebrow


Now you can also accentuate your look with the help of the black nose ring, made up of surgical steel. It’ll provide you rose gold
a great look as well as a great feel to your piercing rose gold barbell. These nose rings are available in different sizes like 18G-20G.
6mm curved barbell
9K Gold Nose Screw with Genuine BLUE SAPPHIRE Stone  

These nose rings will help you create a powerful style statement. Check our single Gold diamond nose pin, made of the 9/14/18k solid gold and available in different sizes. These nose pins will help you stand out in the crowd and are available with a studded  14k 18g
diamond, check out the one with the studded Rose shaped diamond. black surgical labret


9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled Top

You can also place an order for the latest Marlin Munro Genuine diamond , which comprises of a side upper lip piercing. You
can just hit the internet and order these jewelry pieces from our retail store, and get them home delivered to you directly from the factory. solid gold nose ring diamond

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