Face piercing names

Face piercing is gaining acclaim and popularity with every passing day as it has set free a new trend among the youths to experiment with. Piercing on face looks great and enhances your fashion trend even more. Different face piercings types are available in the fashion industry hook piercing jewelry. Eyebrow color chart, Jestrum, Bridge, Cheek, Medusa and Labret are more popular in this fashion conscious face piercing industry.Single jewelled banana


Glow In The Dark Spider Web Plate Ear Plug       Zip Jeweled Eyebrow Ring          Star Shaped Blackline jewelled Madonna Labret

The diameter and gauge size of your face piercing accessory can be calculated from the face piercing body jewelry. Face piercings chart is available at body piercing jewelry store and jewelry stores. They can be millimeter, gauges, decimal inches or even fractional inches depending on your preference Banana with hook. Dermal face piercing is also creating ripples in the body piercing world as Fashionista’s seems to be hooked on to get these piercings.

However since it is a permanent piercing, you should seek professional advice before you finalize on it.

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