Fabulous Fake Ear Plugs And Expanders

Having your ears stretched is painful indeed! However, you need to experience some pain in order to look attractive, right? Well, not quite! You have piercebody.com to give you that wonderful stretched ear look minus the pain courtesy their super range of fake ear plugs. From funky solid colors to cool prints, you are sure to get an ear plug for every occasion. The stainless steel make with UV coating helps you to get the best of both world i.e. safety and aesthetics. Opt for the anodized gold or sterling silver fake ear plugs, if you want sport a traditional look though. The crystal or gem studded ear plugs can help you to become the belle of the evening as well.

Fabulous Fake Ear Plugs and ExpandersIt makes no sense to shy away from gorgeous piercing jewelry anymore. You have the benefit of trying out the entire range of fake ear plugs and expanders from the makers of piercebody piercing jewelry now. Be sure to flaunt your style in one bright color after the other and allow the world to sympathize with the pain of piercing. Shh! Do not let them into your secret of no pain all gain though. You not only get to wear the stunning ear plugs now but the excellent ear extenders in vibrant colors and unique designs give your ears a stretched look that would not have been possible before without experiencing excruciating pain.

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Author: pbblog

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