Eyebrow piercing jewelry

One of the most aesthetic facial piercing is eyebrow piercing. Eyebrows are features of the face that cannot be ignored and hence they are hotspots for getting piercings done SS BALL.


There are different types of eyebrow piercing jewelry.
And since eyebrow piercing is not a gender specific facial piercing eyebrow ring there are eyebrow piercing jewelry for guys and eyebrow piercing jewelry for girls.zig zag

        Gold Anodized Segment Rings         16G Jeweled Eyebrow with Orbit Cones       

One can opt for a different type of eyebrow piercing Jeweled eyebrow bar. The different types are horizontal eyebrow piercing, bridge piercing, anti eyebrow piercing eye ball, spiral eyebrow piercing and T eyebrow piercing. One can also go for a combination of all these piercing types bananas uv.


316 Surgical steel Straight Barbel with uv Cone        Eyebrow Spiral With Plain UV ball  Gold Plated Tiny Scorpion Eyebrow Ring       

Horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry is pierced horizontally and follows the line of the brow. It is placed just above the brow commonly. Horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry when properly pierced into the eyebrow enhances the charm of the face and it looks very unique as well as beautiful finger piercing rings. There are many fashion lovers who go for multiple horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry on their eyebrows.jeweled eyebrow barbell

There are various options for horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry. There is eyebrow piercing jewelry that includes barbells, eyebrow piercing banana bells, eyebrow piercing curved barbells, eyebrow piercing PTFE barbells and eyebrow piercing Bio- plast barbells.eyebrow titanium

After one has gotten his/her eyebrow pierced horizontally one should follow some aftercare precautions. One should never touch the pierced area unnecessarily. There is a high chance of the area getting infected. The only time when one should touch his/her piercing is when he/she wants to clean it. Also it is very important to clean the area every day to avoid any kind of skin trouble and infection. One
can apply warm salt water to the pierced area on the eyebrow for 2-3 minutes.
It is very effective for healing the area.

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