Glamourous Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Eyebrow piercing jewelry has been portrayed as a wild and funky body piercing. 16 gauge eyebrow rings are making waves in the fashion trend now. One of the most aesthetic facial piercing is eyebrow piercing. It has features of the face that cannot be ignored and hence they are hotspots for getting piercings done SS BALL.

Body piercing is an art form which is popular to many all over the world with growing fans every day. This eyebrow piercing jewelry is from quality precision cutting and is made with stones to portray a rose portray elegance when worn by women. They are very easy to maintain and has a long life because of its durability and strength. Among all the kinds of body piercing, it is the eyebrow piercing which is very trendy and eye catching. Our range of cheap eyebrow rings comes in many designs made from a variety of materials. Rings and barbells are a couple of the many options available to adorn your eyebrow.

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Types of Materials Used for Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Titanium Eyebrow Piercing

Titanium is one of the best qualities of metal for making eyebrow accessories. This is out of this G23 titanium that is used. Its best quality assures that it doesn’t cause any sort of irritation to the skin. They serve as a great alternative to the surgical steel.  Titanium is just not the best and super strong material, but it is also versatile when it comes to fashion. It offers a wide variety of colors and different looks. This gives you the most stunning look in the mass. In the category of titanium eyebrow rings, anodized eyebrow rings give a great look. It’s a best for the ones who have a sensitivity to other types of metals.

Titanium barbells are shaped in the form of straight dumbbells with an arrow pointed at both ends. They are made of complete titanium body jewelry material which has strength and durability and has a futuristic design. The anodizing that has various colors which make them visually eye catching. Either men or women love this body jewelry which also uses titanium belly barbells.  They opt for parties and club hopping and it increases one’s sex appeal. They use for eyebrow piercing and come with low prices.

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Rook Surgical Steel Eyebrow

Rook jewelry adds to the beauty of the eyebrows. Eyebrow jewels from surgical steel have the shape of curved dumbbells with beads at both ends. These curved barbells are coated with rose gold by means of physical vapor deposition, which makes the metal into vapor and is used for coating. This makes the rook jewelry more shining and scratch resistant and has a long shelf life. These eyebrow curved barbells are loved by women who love to make their eyes. This is a beautiful eyebrow piercing jewelry type and uses for regular use. These are suitable for parties, clubs and family events and can be a gift to loved ones.

UV Eyebrows

UV rays, i.e. ultraviolet rays are the light rays that come from the sun with more energy rather than the visible light.  The UV eyebrow accessories definitely make a fashionable statement for both days as well as night time. As these eyebrow accessories are made of UV, they provide complete comfort. It doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin. With the bright UV colors, it can have a charming look and stand out in a crowd.

The very thought of wearing a UV eyebrow ring is exciting both for the piercing veteran and the newbie. It is one of the most popular items in the long list of body jewelry. The flashy colors and the funky styles of UV eyebrow ring captivate one and all. It is the best option for a party at a night club and discos. Party animals will enjoy the color that UV brings under LED and disco lights. Be the cynosure at the party and experience the DJ dedicating a song to you. Be the rebel you have always wanted to be and unleash your wild side with the wide range of UV eyebrow rings.

Get your eyebrow piercing with the UV eyebrow accessories to look trendy. Get the most stylish UV accessories as it suits for all parties and you can impress your friends as well. Our range of eyebrow barbell is from surgical steel, while the ball part is from the UV material which reacts under the UV light and gives out a shine. These are also available in mix colors according to the demands of the customers. These are safe and hypo allergic on skin.

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Surgical Steel and UV

Surgical steel and UV make one of the best combinations for eyebrow piercing jewelry. Eyebrow rings are special items because they are connected to your eye which everybody highlights with makeup. However, if you sport an eyebrow ring you will be able to attract people’s attention easily to your eyes and face. The best part about steel is that it goes with every skin tone and is available at an affordable rate. A steel eyebrow ring is durable and a UV accent enhances the appeal of the ring. Bright and shining UV cones and balls will add spunk to your wardrobe during Christmas. Choose from a wide range of high-quality products.

Gold Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Piercebody has introduced 18k gold plated piercing jewelry. It has a unique design and most fashionable body jewelry. Eyebrow piercing jewelry looks very sexy, cute, and very attractive. You can enjoy this body jewelry in 18k gold plated.

Anodized Eyebrow

 Anodized eyebrow rings are great to look at and also quite affordable. They are durable, biocompatible and provide true value for money. These are applicable especially to the titanium anodized eyebrow piercing jewelry rings brought to you by With a mind blowing variety and steady innovation in designs, it successfully provokes the imagination of the bold. Titanium when anodized becomes safe and is a great alternative for people having allergic reactions to surgical steel. Straight barbells, curved barbells J curve, horseshoes sometimes in gold plating; sometimes in different colors will stun you and you will discover a new self.

Jeweled Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

These eyebrow jeweled rings are embedded with colored diamonds eyebrow which has high quality and clarity in the stones used. Surgical steel eyebrow piercing has medical approval and is of cheap rates so they are eye-catching products among the women all over the world.

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Different Types of Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

There are different types of eyebrow ring collection jewelry. And since eyebrow piercing is not a gender specific facial piercing eyebrow ring, there is eyebrow piercing jewelry for guys and for girls.

Jeweled Eyebrow Bar

One can opt for a different type of eyebrow piercing jeweled eyebrow bar. The different types are horizontal eyebrow piercing, bridge piercing, anti-eyebrow piercing eye ball, spiral eyebrow piercing and T eyebrow piercing. One can also go for a combination of all these piercing types.

Horizontal Eyebrow Bar

Horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry is pierced horizontally and follows the line of the brow. It places above the brow commonly. Horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry when properly pierced into the eyebrow enhances the charm of the face. It looks unique as well as beautiful. There are many fashion lovers who go for multiple horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelries on their eyebrows. There are various options for horizontal eyebrow piercing jewelry. It includes barbells, eyebrow piercing banana bells, eyebrow piercing curved barbells, eyebrow piercing PTFE barbells and eyebrow piercing Bioplast barbells.

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Eyebrow Piercing After Care Solution

After one has gotten his/her eyebrow pierced horizontally one should follow some aftercare precautions. One should never touch the pierced area unnecessarily. There is a high chance of the area getting infected. The only time when one should touch his/her piercing is when he/she wants to clean it. Also, it is very important to clean the area every day to avoid any kind of skin trouble and infection. One can apply warm salt water to the pierced area on the eyebrow for 2-3 minutes. It is very effective for healing the area.

Finding Reliable Jewelry Store

There is an increase on body jewelry to adore all your body piercing from nose rings, toe rings, earrings, eyebrow rings, Labrets etc. it is only natural that everyone wants to look their fashionable best. We understand this and hence are offering unbeatable offers on our huge range of body jewelry. These are not only beautiful pieces of the body jewelry but also make them for a good long term investment on your accessories. Since these are mostly from surgical steel, these are also tough and scratch resistant and easy to clean and maintain. These it can also make for amazing gifting options if you know anyone who loves experimenting with their body jewelry.


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