What Is An Eyebrow Barbell?

Bored of your same old look? Then why not try something new? Body and facial piercings are quite in today and you can try things like these, especially if you’re keen on unique and high street fashion surgical steel barbell. Of facial piercings like nose, ear, cheek and lips, eyebrow single flare  piercing is increasingly becoming popular. Both men and women can go for it and create their own style statement. Apart from religious traditions or cultural heritage, eyebrow piercings Rook jewelry might simply be done for aesthetic reasons to enhance looks. Various types of eyebrow jewelries are taking the market by storm today.fixed ball rings

Eyebrow barbell and other piercings

These days you get a mindboggling assortment of eyebrow jewelry. Of them, barbells, studs, rings, clip-in balls, ball closure rings, eyebrow banabells and hoops are common choices. As surface piercing, eyebrow piercing is gaining a lot of popularity, particularly with the youth brigade. It’s done vertically, horizontally or anti-eyebrow. Get any of these and you can be assured of a smarter and sexier look than ever!

Eyebrow barbell – looks and features

Eyebrow barbells have made their exclusive mark among other trendy eyebrow jewelries. Piercing experts can tell you which eyebrow jewelry, color and metal will suit your skin and facial features.

  • Pick barbells if you’re looking for eyebrow bars. Curved barbells, spiked eyebrow ring barbells, straight barbells rook piercing are all the rage now. Select something going well with your personality.
  • Barbell style eyebrow jewelry comes with a straight bar with a bead on each end. One or both the beads can be unscrewed for removing or changing beads. Commonly, one of the beads is fixed. Barbells are so named because they resemble barbells used for weightlifting.
  • Circular barbells make nice eyebrow rings. Choose the metal suiting your skin type to keep infections at bay. Take good care of the eyebrow area.
  • Eyebrow barbells are in gold, silver, diamond curved barbell, acrylic, platinum, zircon, titanium, bioplast, steel and other diverse metals. Some are transparent and while others glow in the dark.
  • Barbells have varied forms and colors. For the first time doers, it’s best to keep it simpler. Search online to make your choice of the perfect eyebrow jewelry or barbell and also ask experts if necessary.
  • Heart, anchor, rose, spike, bow, cherry, fossil, tree, toys and games, fruits, stars, sweets and treats are some interesting patterns for eyebrow barbells

How are eyebrow barbells inserted

For inserting eyebrow barbells, a needle of twelve to eighteen gauge is pierced through the eyebrow bottom finding its outlet through top of the eyebrow. The barbell is then inserted through the perforation. Once the piercing is done, give it enough time to heal and see a doctor in case of complications or bruises.

Introduced by the punk subculture in the 1970s, eyebrow piercing has now found its takers in everyday life. Give yourself a complete makeover with an eyebrow barbell or any other eyebrow jewelry catching your attention. They also make fabulous gifts for loved ones. Wear a barbell or a ring to enhance the beauty of your eyes and look funky and cool!

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Author: Aaron Benson

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