Exotic Tongue Jewelry: A New Level of Fashion Trend

Body piercing has now become a cult with followers all over the globe. Having a million designs in body piercing jewelry, but the simplest design is the most elegant one. This range of exotic tongue jewelry barbells is simple but appealing with steel balls at both ends. They are in the shape of straight barbells with ball ends. They also completely made of surgical steel which is healthy for the human body.

These tongue barbells come in various sizes and are available for discounts with minimum purchase of 50 jewels. They have constant demand because either men or women love tongue piercing. It can be wearable to all parties and events.

Kinds of Exotic Tongue Jewelry


Aoneitem UV Green Barbell

Aoneitem UV green barbell

A type of exotic tongue jewelry and the latest trend in a tongue piercing. It has taken sexiness to a whole new level. Best for women who love heavy metal rock music and its culture. Also, those who are into gothic looks do their tongue with this unique body piercing Aoneitem UV check barbell rings.

This tongue piercing jewelry is made up of beads at both ends. It is in the shape of dumbbells and composes of UV material. This makes them glow under UV light which adds to their oomph factor. These can be given as funky gifts among friends because it’s economical.



Rainbow UV Balls

rainbow uv balls

The tongue piercing creates an erotic and funky new set of tongue barbell with rainbow UV balls. UV ball tongue barbell composes of surgical steel and UV materials and has a long shelf life with glow in the dark properties and they are suitable for daily wear and tear. They appear in the shape of straight barbells with balls at both ends, which are made of UV materials with rainbow colors.

Either men or women love these glowing piercings because of the futuristic look and artistic designs which stun the crowd in any gatherings. They are in the size of 16mm with ball size of 6mm and are cheap.



Exotic Tongue Jewelry – Glow in the Dark

glow in the dark tongue jewelry

Tongue piercing jewelry has been very erotic and wild with this new line of tongue piercing balls of UV balls. These barbells assume the shape of a dumbbell and are made of 316L surgical steel which promotes safe use of the skin and has great strength and shine. Men and women can flaunt these for all parties and events with ease and it has a grand visual appeal because with the UV glittering balls attached to both ends of the steel bar.

These tongue piercing balls have a great life with everyday use and are very compact in size with low prices. They are always in demand and loved by people who are into the wild party culture and who are into regular club hopping.



Bio Plastic Tongue Bars

bioplastic exotic tongue jewelry

These tongue bars have skin-friendly materials and have a long product life. They are in the form of straight bars and they have colored gems and stones embedded in the visual side of the ring.

Another type of exotic tongue jewelry which is placing a flexible bioplastic tongue bars in the display. You can also have a funky and sexual visual appeal when worn to clubs and parties and are available in an assortment of 43 pieces of these jeweled bioplastics flexible tongue barbells in a wave display.

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