Most Exciting Fake Ear Gauges Discovery in Fashion

Ear piercing uses spiral fake plug stretchers. It is catching up with artistic shape and designs and the materials they use to make them. UV materials and steel combine together to make these stunning jewelry. In which it uses for ear piercing in order to make them look thicker and user-friendly. Opt to wear for parties, clubs, and events and are very light on the wallet. It is also suitable for gifting near and dear ones.

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These fake tapers are available in sizes of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm. They use UV material to give it a stunning glow in the dark while wearing it. The hand drawn a white dot on the visual surface gives it an artistic edge and it’s a must have accessory.

Types of Fake Ear Gauges Jewelry

glowing fake ear gauges

Glowing Fake Ear Gauges

The stunning new range of artistic and glowing Fake cheater plugs with 16 ear gauges and transparent color jewelry. These fake plugs of 00 gauging ears are in the shape of straight barbells with UV glowing transparent rings at both ends. They are visually appealing and have a great demand among the younger generation and people who are a frequent party and club hoppers.

They are very cheap with long product life with scratch resistance and are suitable for any form of dressing styles. Either men or women love these models because of the crowd-pleasing features when you wear it.

colored fake ear gauges

Colored Fake Ear Gauges Jewelry

Body piercing is now an art form which has been made visually pleasing for followers globally with this new discovery of heavy fake gauge straight barbells. These are made with a mix of colors embedded along with the UV materials used for making them. They have glowing properties with no human side effects.

These fake gauge earrings measure 4g gauges and are cheap with constant demand and are easy to use with long life. These straight barbells are heavy and appear like bulging banana bells and have been suitable for casual and party wear. They are sure to turn many heads in a crowd and hence they are loved by women.

fake ear gauges

How to Find a Legit Online Manufacturer of Fake Ear Gauges?

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