Essential beauty nose studs

Nose studs body jewelry are beautiful jewelry articles that help make an extremely individual statement.
Probably that is why they are one of the most favorite fashion jewelry pieces with the women. Nose studs have always been classy and the subtlety that comes with them is unavoidable.


9K Gold Round CZ Machine Cut           14K Gold Natural Pearl Nose Pin           9K Gold Ball End Jeweled Nose Pin

The unique designs and styles of studs also render them as great fashion jewelry. For example the charming little gold turtle nose stud screw or turtle nose stud that comes in the shape of a turtle is very modern but still maintains the traditional touch of the nose pieces. Flesh colored nose stud

These nose screws and studs are particularly a hit with the young girls.


14K Gold Round CZ Machine Cut        Hand Painted Bone Flower Nose Stud in Mini Box        Glued Square stone Straight Nose Pin

The famous gold nose pin also has a variety of designs too. One might go for the simple designed gold pin or the one that is

The assorted nose ring collection has nose rings of different designs and styles in it. The assortment has rings of different colors and one can wear them interchangeably with the different color attire.

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