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There are various kinds of body jewelries available; the dermal anchor is hugely popular amongst the women these days. They’re
generally different from the traditional piercings. Dermal anchors involve implanting a part of the jewelry underneath the sub dermal tissue if the skin and the part used as an anchor is visible above the skin.hello kitty

This jeweler easily makes you stand apart in the crowd and help you gain a lot of attention. You can buy stone Dermal anchors for sale if you’re looking for a kind of jewelry that will bring out the glamorous you.


Grade 23 Solid Jeweled Titanium Dermal Tops      Hello Kitty Dermal Anchor Tops       Crystal stone Dermal Anchor Top

However, the women are using the plain dermal tops to enhance their personality and give themselves a makeover. They usually choose from various shapes and designs including the ruby dermal top.

Then in the other range of dermal attachments, you’ll find hip piercing bars as well as the hip microdermal punch.
They’re quite a craze amongst the youthful crowd because of the ultra-modern look and unique features.


Logo Top Dermal piercings            Jeweled Dermal Anchors

If you’re wondering where I can buy dermal tops ( is a perfect place to shop for the microdermal piercing high end jewelry, which will make you look special and help you in standing out during every occasion.

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