Enticingly Embossed Fleur De Lis Finger Ring

Fleur De Lis Finger Ring

Fleur De Lis, the unique three petal shape that has been one of the most important forms of the French heraldry is now back in style. The quaint lily depicted in a special stylized way may have lost its significance as far as military and religion is concerned, but it continues to enthrall all and sundry with its artistic form. Its political influence has not dimmed with times though. Indeed the beautiful Lily has crossed the Atlantic and now finds itself in a prominent place as the State symbol of Louisiana. That is not all though, the flags of Detroit, Louisiana, and New Orleans also include this attractive shape in their flags thus imparting importance to this floral form even at present.

Embossed Fleur De Lis Finger Ring


It makes sense; therefore, to sport the fleur de lis on your jewelry. Nowhere is it more noteworthy than a finger ring either. So go for a gorgeous ring with the lily embossed firmly on its surface and showed off your flower power to the world. It is not meant to be an idle piece of jewelry though. Whether it is to demonstrate your solidarity with your team in sports or support rescue operations due to a national disaster; the finger ring with the flower shape on it serves as a constant reminder while enlightening other people about your noble intentions.

You do not have to go over the top and shell out every penny to own a fleur de lis now. Forget the expensive gems and precious metals and go for plain and friendly stainless steel as the base for your elegant ring. It is sure to shine as brilliantly as sterling silver finger rings especially when you polish it with care. You do not have to lock it up for safe keeping either. The sturdy and durable metal is durable too, and you get the opportunity of brandishing your personal fleur de lis for years together without any thought of letting it slip off from your finger.


The fleur de lis stays firmly put with no indication of allergy or itching because you are using the best metal for daily wear. The shape is evident in all its glory and continues to dazzle your friends without you having to care overtly for it. No expensive cleaning process required either. Just plain soap and water will do.

So, go on, spare some of your pocket money and get the best fleur de lis that money can buy.

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