Unique Earplug Sizes and Designs

Earplugs have been the latest have in everyone’s list of accessories. It comes in a variety of sizes, thus giving you a wider variety of options to choose from. However, the most popular from earplug sizes are the 18mm plugs which really stand out for their size and ultra-comfortable too.

We have a wide range of color changing ear plugs which can change color from black to purple within a few seconds of being exposed to the sun. Since this is made from the silicone material, it really molds with your skin for a more comfortable experience.

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Different Earplug Sizes and Designs


8mm YinYang Earplug Design

An interesting twist to the yin yang symbol and made from UV.  The flesh tunnel adds an impressive spiritual touch to your look. They represent an ancient Chinese understanding of it works and the exceptionally beautiful concept describes two opposing designs. Dazzle your friends with 316l surgical steel yin yang ear plug. The piece is crafted with a keen eye for fine detail and design.


 12mm BlingBling Flesh Tunnels

Find the largest selection of the jeweled 12mm ear plugs with the trendiest style only at Piercebody.com. It is an exquisite body jewelry also known as bling flesh tunnels.

16mm Pink Heart Earplug Sizes

Our body jewelry store brings in the three different styles of girl ear plugs with a different style of metal material. They are the most trendy styles of “JUST IN PINK“. TheUV Multi Jeweled Ear Flesh Tunnel in Glue Setting gives an ecstatic trend setting for body piercing jewelry. This can also look attractive and charming. Nevertheless, this style is never out of fashion because this is the most wanted piece.

Showcase your sparkling style with this pink heart plug in 16mm and also known as the Surgical Steel Ear Flesh Tunnel. This heart tunnel is the internally threaded type of ear piercing jewelry. This piece draws attention to your gauged ears and will compliment any style of outfit.

24mm Logo Design Earplug Sizes

Our body piercing jewelry offers 24mm ear plug sizes. Whether the piercing jewelry is in logo ear plugs, it is from 316l surgical steel. Piercebody.com offers assorted logo ear plugs available in their body jewelry store. Also, a lot of style for ear flesh tunnels has made them popular and become one of the most demanding stores!


 25mm UV Earplug Design

The UV red star ear plug comes with two “O” rings and is available in10mm to 25mm. It has a wonderfully bright red and black appearance when exposed to UV light. It also starts to glow magnificently. And they’re sold per piece.

 30mm Silicone Earplugs

Silicone ear plugs are made to change color and glow in the dark. It has solid colors as well as ones which change colors due to exposure to sunlight. These 20mm plugs become so intensely bright after minutes of light exposure!

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Where to Buy Different Earplug Sizes per Price

Whether it’s for wholesale or retail, Piercebody.com has the capacity to accept for both the bulk quantity and small quantity. No matter which material, our body piercing jewelry store has it all in every different material. 


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 Other Ear Piercing Tunnel Designs and Sizes



Get on trend with the ear plugs with Tunnel plug earrings. They are comfortable that you won’t even feel like you are wearing an earring! It has high-quality surgical steel screw with rounded edges for a more comfortable fit.

We’re all used to standard round flesh tunnels but these can be made in lots of different shapes. They change the shape of your lobes and give you a completely different look every time. They are a fine for well-established stretching.


You can glam with a 16mm blue clear tunnel. The season’s most sensational and sparkling ear plug body jewelry and are made of high-quality UV material.


Our 30mm ear stretchers come in various quality materials from 316l surgical steel, UV Plugs to silicone. Silicone is widely popular for being flexible! However, we have Surgical Steel Double Flared Ear Tunnel, Black-line Internally Threaded Ear Flesh Tunnel, Anodized Flesh Tunnel, UV ear plug and more!

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Piercebody.com offers bulk body jewelry in different earplug sizes in any metal material from UV, 316 surgical steel and more. Our body jewelry bulk store offers different earplug sizes, especially in a classy style.


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