Stunning Earplug Designs and Styles

Earplugs are body piercing jewelry which has a huge fan following all over the world. These are very famous among the Asian countries where women have been doing it for centuries. Women love ear piercing because it adds to the beauty of their ears and also some medical benefits are suggested stating the point in the lower ear lobe where the piercing is done activates blood flow to the head.

Earplug jewelry comes in various sizes and made of certified hygienic surgical steel. They also have many designs like diamonds, precious gems and other stones to make it more appealing when worn.


Common Types of Earplug Jewelries


Body piercing has its followers everywhere. But in order to attract the elite crowd, these golden 14k Earrings are custom made. They are composed of high-grade gold with no traces of nickel and have been designed and made with precision by industrial experts. They appear like modern art when worn by women all over the world.

Gold has been considered elite metal so these golden earrings. It marks for a new market with major attractions, especially in the Asian countries. It is where gold is mostly considered to be sacred. These earrings will always a huge demand mainly because of its low prices and standards. There are purposes of these forms of body modification of gold ear plug. It has been tribal (to display allegiance to one tribe or group of people) and for fashion and perceived beauty.

Fake Earplugs

Body piercing has been a cult and with this new fake ear plugs available in numerous designs. The visual appearance and the demand of these body piercing aids have been elevated to whole new heights. These fake ear plugs are mainly used for piercing and expanding the piercing. They use 316l surgical steel which has been medically approved for human wear. It also has the mixing of UV mixtures as they have the ability to glow in the dark.

These fake earplugs are in the shape of twisters with detachable ends which can be screwed on and off. They are embedded with various indefinite color combinations. It also makes them very attractive in the dark and makes people go crazy when seen. The smallest earplug size in our store starts from 3mm. Fake plugs, if you don’t want to stretch these are your immediate answer. No one will be able to tell if you are wearing real or fake plugs.

Silicone Earplug

Looking for the latest body jewelry and white earplug jewelry?  Our huge selections of body piercing jewelry also take an advantage to browse for free shipping and monthly promotions.  They are made of implant grade silicone ear plugs which are very comfortable and lightweight. Also, it is extremely versatile to use for all occasions.

  fake ear plug


Earplug Designs and Styles

Teardrop Earplug Design

Ear piercing is done with many models of piercing rings and these ear plugs are in the shape of tear drops. They come in sizes varying from 8mm to 20mm in sizes. The demand for these Tear drop plugs is increasing at a steady rate. It has are also embedded with matching stones which adds to the sparkle.

They are made with medically approved steel with surgical approval so they are very human-friendly and handled with ease. They are loved by women all over. These designs are artistic and create pure elegance for women. It is also sure to catch many eyes when worn on all occasions and this style has no expiry date.

Skull Earplug offers a wide selection of skull body jewelry from belly button rings, ear flesh tunnels, ear plug, ear studs and steel tunnels. Ear tunnels are the screw fit logo tunnels with the 316l surgical steel. It also has the size from 3mm to 24m skull jewelry. You can also try on the Black UV Internal Screw Fit ear plug tunnel from 2mm to 24mm.



Leaf Design Earplug

The external Leaf Crystal stone design of 10mm to 20mm which consists of material from UV. These are available in different styles. Our earplug body jewelry store brings the exotic Jamaican weed ear plug in the size of 3mm to 24mm. It also has the material of 316l Surgical Steel.  This ecstatic piece has a charm of its own!


Single Flared Ear Plugs

Día de Los Muertos in Spanish, offers the day of ear plugs and tapers in plenty of styles. Día de Los Muertos is a time to honor and celebrate deceased loved ones Plugs 0.  These single flared ear plugs feature a day of the dead face logo. Get greats of these set of ear plugs and ear tapers online.


Feminine Gauge Plugs

Feminine gauge plugs have unique Silicone especially for the ‘girly ear plugs’. The beautiful Butterfly design ear plug with the UV material has the size of 4mm to 16mm. Our 10mm is very popular among the females.


Yin Yang Stretcher Earplug

Yinyang adds great look for both men and women. These are great with outfits that have either a lot of brown or black in them. This unique flesh tunnel style will definitely add an impressive spiritual touch to your look. It also features a beautiful earth and heaven multi color design; ying-yang.



UV Marble Hallow Ear Plug

It has its size available from 5mm to 12mm and has smooth white marble tunnels with dark accents.  It’s a classy flesh tunnel to wear the pattern of white and black marble. This ecstatic body jewelry set has a variety of desired wear of the tunnel.



Crystal Earplug

These are available in many gauges to accommodate everyone’s piercing style. Crystal ear plugs come in clear, pink, black, iridescent and rainbow styles including flesh tunnels. Our gem plugs with black crystal hearts are a unique and girly ear gauge. Gem plugs or ear gauges with crystals can draw attention to your gauged ears and will compliment any style of outfit.



Sugar Skull Plugs

Sugar skull plugs are the best deal buy as an Internal Screw Fit Logo Ear Tunnel from 3mm to 24mm. It has a material of 316l surgical steel that features an eye-catching skull.


matt plated earplug

Colored Earplug Designs


Pink Flesh Earplug

The magnifying feminine pink flesh ear plug in silicone material is available in 4mm to 30mm. The extraordinary heart earplug reminds us of a leopard because of the spots. It has glorifying ear plug which is in UV material from the size of 4mm to 16mm.

Black Ear Plug

No matter what the pattern or texture, black always look good. brings different styles of black ear plugs. Whether it’s black line ear tunnel, silicone or an anodized double flared earplug design, the beauty is ever lasting!

Black and Yellow

Black & yellow checkered earplugs are ultra violet sensitive. This acrylic flared earplug and internal screw fit ear plug are cool are simply stylish!


This exciting piece of a body jewelry item has its additional feature of making us comfortable to wear our favorite color “blue ear plug“.  Its special feature is the color of this original ear flesh tunnel which is yellow. This is due to the sunlight that changes to blue. It is also an outstanding piece that is made of silicone. This body piercing earplug is an entirely blue piece. It has extremely soft and comfortable which turns out to be the best-selling body jewelry in our online store.

multicolored earplug

Earplug at has the best selection of the most beautiful and unique body jewelry collection. It has externally threaded balls tunnels and plugs. This externally threaded tunnel’s size features from 10mm to 20mm. Our premium network store for body jewelry offers the best price compared to another body earplug. These earplugs jewelry is the traditional kick-off to the online holiday shopping season. The previous holiday dust isn’t settled yet and now we all set and prepared for “December Deals”. provides the highest quality ear plugs and tunnels that are available for the lowest price. The black line spiral ear in 10mm is from UV. Our body jewelry store has this extra ordinary body jewelry piece. Get yourself a great makeover with body modification jewelry.


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