Ear Stretchers Blow out

Plugs earrings work brilliantly for the stretches ears; according to your need you can go for the acrylic earplugs, and there is UV/steel ear plug range as well. plug earrings will help you create a powerful style statement and are a perfect alternative for the body jewelry Iron Ring. The plug de zebra 8mm earring is comfortable and colorful industrial piercing jewelry.

They’re made up of the material that will set along your skin while complementing your look. You can wear them without any hassles, and rest assured that they’ll brighten up your look.


Embossed Marijuana Silicone Ear Plug        Embossed Skull Silicone Ear Plug      Embossed Skull Silicone Ear Plug

Besides, there is flesh ear tunnels to sharpen up your style. They’re made of the polished surgical steel which is safe for your skin. Moreover, along with being comfortable and easy to wear, the steel used in these flesh tunnel plugs is bio-compatible and it means it won’t irritate your piercing. There is an option of silicon ear plugs as well, which are safe to wear in any kind of environment plus are smooth against your skin.


These eyes catching plugs are of great value and Black 8mm flesh tunnel plug for enhanced style,

Otherwise the Pink ear tunnels size 8mm can give you the cute look along with a comfy feel.

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