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Ear piercing jewelry is one of the most sold jewelry around the world. The various jewelry accessories that one can use in his/her ear piercing are spacers, stretchers, gauges and plugs.

Gauges and plugs are fashion ear piercing jewelry that can be easily fitted into the piercing. Their main purpose is to adorn the ear piercing Tapers 0. One can find many designs in ear gauges and plugs neon fake ear plug. For example, off late the black acrylic scare on flesh tunnel gauges have become extremely popular.ear stretchers  As the name suggests these are made of acrylic.


Multi Color Jelly Ear Expander           Green Jelly Ear Expander         Light Green Neon Colored Screw Fit Ear Flesh Tunnel

Ear stretching is that which helps one stretch his existing piercing and make it larger plug 6 mm. Stretchers are also available in different designs and patterns.



Marble spacer’s jewelry is a recent hit in body jewelry. They are made of recycled glass and also come in many designs on them like the peace sign, the globe etc.

Spiral Hand Painted Beach Ear Taper Expander Angry Bird Straight Ear Expander Tree Roots Logo Straight Ear Taper Body Jewelry    

The BJ 30mm plugs marijuana is ear plugs that have a gauge size of 30mm and the marijuana leaf design is crafted on the plugs. These plugs should not be tried on piercings that have not been stretched because these are large size plugs.

One can find all these jewelry at Piercebody.com.

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