Ear plugs in Dragonfly design

SS Dragonfly Fake Ear Plug If you are unclear about the idea of ear stretching, we present you with this piece of blog. If you read through, you may get a pretty good concept about one of the latest trends in the realm of body piercing and which jewelry suits this particular form best.1.2 mm

What is Ear stretching?

Ear stretching is the process of expanding the piercing slowly. This is also known as gauging. In most cases, it is done on ears but you can also do it on your tongue, lip or other body parts.

Even though it sounds painful, we assure you it is not that difficult. In fact, if done under careful supervision, ear stretching can be quite a painless process. However a part of your body gets modified, so you should take it seriously. You need to be careful about the speed of the stretching though. It should be balanced, not too fast, neither too slow.
Several methods for ear stretching are in use like the taper stretching, silicone plug, Teflon tape, the dermal punch method to list the common ones.

Jewelry for ear stretching: Fancy ear plugs

Ear plugs in fancy designs are the most popular choice for ear stretching piercings. It is always better to opt for a 16 gauge ear plug as that works best with piercings that are relatively fresh. Others wearing regular ear accessories may opt for the 14 gauge ones. In our online body piercing store, you get varieties in sizes and shapes.

Dragonfly fancy ear plugs:

You can choose the 1.2x6mm Dragonfly ear plugs. They are extremely funky and ooze out a lot of confidence. It’s a perfect choice to make a bold fashion statement.

Made of 316l surgical steel, these ear plugs cause no skin irritation or infection. They have a silvery glossy look which can go very well with formal dresses and even with a dress for the party.
The Dragonfly design is for a girl with an out of the box taste. Gone are those days of cutesy designs like flowers and hearts, embrace the cool which is so ‘in’.

At $1.79, you get a piece of a dragon to adorn your ear. Isn’t that wonderful? There are amazing discounts available if you buy multiple pieces in sets in body jewelry case.

You may visit our online store, www.piercebody.com to have a look at more such products.

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